Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rama Pedernales

Sounds like your week was super good that is warming to hear. It always worries me to hear bad stuff go on but man is it refreshing to hear such wonderful stories from you guys. 
Well this week was okay.  There were some problems. Problems that I really don't like. But I got transferred. I am now in the farthest sector of the entire mission. Its was like 10 hours in bus to get here.  Its called rama Pedernales. And the thing is, its not a barrio, or ward, its a rama (branch). I don't know what it means in English but its not big enough to be a ward so it doesn't even have a church building. They meet in a casa. Super small. I am super stoked to work with my Nuevo (new) companion. His name is Elder Sanchez, de Peru.  He is awesome.  I knew him before, he was in the office of the mission when I first got here. He know a little bit of English. We are opening a sector.  They took out the other two missionaries and put us in, we don't know anybody and the rama is so small that there aren't a lot of members to help. But the sector is pretty big. Small than my last sector but pretty big. 
BUT, the best part, the best best best, my favorite part......... wait for it.......... our sector and where we live is....... on the ....... BEACH, looking out over the ocean. Mom you are so jealous. SOOO so jealous. I will send pictures. Its such a peaceful and awesome place. We actually live on the beach.

But this sector is so weird, its so far away from anyone else. We literally take a bus for three hours just to get to our district meeting. We don't leave much because we just waist so much time. I didn't write yesterday because I was in the bus all day. I saw three movies that were playing on the bus. By the way the new Transformers was awful. My opinion. Maybe its because it was in Spanish.

The second best best best part of this is that we get to baptize in the ocean, and rivers. How freaking cool is that. I am so pumped. SO pumped for baptisms this transfer. The only bad part is that the ward is small and we are secluded from all the other missionaries. But its all good. I am so happy.

So that's it. I am so pumped. So happy. I am so happy.
Something happened, Ii was reading the book of Mormon today for my studies. I am in 2 Nephi 27. Nephi talks about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Its my favorite book.  El Libro De Mormon. Well I felt that I should pray today to strengthen my testimony so I can help others have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Guess what??  I received an answer. Guess what the answer is? That the Book of Mormon is TRUE. I just feel really good. You guys should pray always and always ask to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Its a testimony that always needs to be strengthened through reading always and praying always. Why do we need a testimony of the Book of Mormon? Because its the clave o (key or) key stone of our religion. And when we find the answer we find that the Church is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet and that Christ is out savior. Its what stands us out from everyone else. No other church has this beautiful book.  When we read and pray we find the answers and testimony from God. That's when we receive the blessings. 
I testify that going to the temple is something we should always do. Once a week I would even add. Not only the work that needs to be done there but also how peaceful, how spiritual, and wonderfully beautiful the temple is.  Keep going because that's where you guys can receive such wonderful revelations for our family. 
Guys that's it for this week. Everything is wonderful. Oh it is wonderful the sector that God gave to me.
I am going to kill it this week. (translated into I'm going to be an awesome missionary this week)
I love you
Elder Luke

no caption needed for this one!

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