Sunday, August 24, 2014

Handwritten letter to his mom

Querido Madre (dear mother),

Estoy muy agradecido por ti - I am so grateful for you.  You are the best.  You are so awesome.  You are such an example for so many people.  Lately I have been thinking about how blessed I am to have a solid family.  Its tough here sometimes because there are a lot of divorced families.  Muchos veces (many times) a girl will have a kid with a dude and the dude takes off.  I see moms raising children up solo.  The worst part is when I see a part member family, where the kids and the mom are members but not the dad.  Its very rare to find an entire family that are all members and active.  This gospel really can unify and strengthen the family.  But its so sad when people participate in the blessing and fall away.  And now their lives are a mess.  I was talking with Elder Cordova the other day about that and we just came to realize that los personas (the people) that keep the commandments and endure to the end live happier lives.  Its easier to live the gospel.  Just how people say that its easier to smile than to frown.  Its the same with the Church.  I say all of that to show what I see everyday.  But also to show how grateful I am to have been raise up in the Gospel. 

I know this carta (letter) is late but I am writing this on your anniversary (in July).  It all started 19 anos (years) ago.  I know it started differently but you and dad changed so I can say that I have been raised in the Gospel.  I am grateful that you guys always woke us up early to read scriptures and always went to church.  Those little things you and dad showed us makes a difference.  Its tough for people to always go to church.  But what you guys did was ingrained los mandamientos (the Commandments) and standards in our head to the point that we always go to church, we never buy things on Sunday, we watch our language and we are modest.  I am so grateful that you have set such an awesome example por mi (for me).   I am really grateful. 

Now I thought we were very close to being perfect in keeping the commandments but we have things to improve on.  There is siempre (always) room for improvements.  Its always such a wonderful feeling to meet a family where los padres son (the parents are) very close and they love their kids and they want to be firm in the gospel.  I just met this newly married couple in the barrio.  The husband wanted to go on visits with us and that we would know where his house is so he can help with food and his wife wanted to help on how ensenamos (we can teach). I could look in their faces.  Yes I know they had problems, but I saw true happiness in their eyes.  Its even more awesome because you and dad have the same thing.  I am so grateful to have an eternal familia.  I am grateful for your love and hard work for me.  Remember what Christ said "Come unto me, all ye that labour and our heavy laden and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28).

I know Christ lives.  I testify he is our Savior.  Now I am changing peoples lives so that they also can say "Yo se que vive mi senor" (I was living my Lord) and remember "All because two people fell in love"

I love you mom
Your son
Elder Luke

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