Monday, August 11, 2014

The Scriptures teach that we are weak, but with God we can be strong.

Well this week was really interesting. My companion and I have been butting heads. We have been disagreeing. It really sucks. Its been really hard to feel the spirit. But Wednesday we had an interview with President. It was just the normal three month interview check up. I told him what I am struggling with and he said, "Elder, you don't need to worry. You are doing a fine job. You are growing to be an excellent missionary.  You don't need to worry. You just need to keep doing what you are doing and soon you will peak". That really boosted my spirit. He said that I was going to train and he told me what I need to do to prepare. It was such an awesome spirit booster. While we were there in the office I bought a sick tie that has the Guayaquil temple on it. Its awesome.

So we left the President and we still kept butting heads. Every Friday we plan. We do weekly planning, but we do it in the capilla (chapel). Before we do that we have a meeting as a zone and discuss about committing people to church. The AP, assistants to the president, joined us in our meeting. We broke up and started planning. And during our planning we just butted heads. It was so hard. We started arguing, but one of the APs came in and took me aside. se llama (called) Elder Johnson. He heard me out and then said the same thing that Presidente told me that I don't need to worry. That I am doing an awesome job.  That I will be training soon. Then I calmed down and received revelation that we need to put aside our natural man and our own desires and put our heart in this work. Proverbs 27:23. Click here for the link to the scripture So I calmed down and we got back to planning and it was good. That day we started losing our selves in the work. We were putting our Fe (faith) in the lord especially in prayer. The same day of planning we found a family. The spirit guided us to find them. They have problems but they are so receptive.  We came back Saturday and committed them to come to our sacrament meeting. They went to church and then we taught them. I just feel so good with them. I feel the spirit teaching them. It was a gift to find them.

Tambien (also) we have this lady, she is so awesome. She is going to get baptized this 23 de agosto (August 23rd). She is so listo (ready).  In our last lesson I felt the Spirit say that she is going to be baptized this week. We are going to put our fe (faith) in the lord and strive to do that. I know and testify that it will work. It's the only way we can do anything in this life. The Scriptures teach that we are weak, but with God we can be strong.

I am so happy for you guys. I pray and think about you so much. BE SAFE. Go to church. Read the scripture everyday, and  pray always.
Elder Luke


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