Sunday, August 24, 2014

Handwritten letter to his brother Brandon

Dear Brandon,

What's up Brother from the same mother?  When you get this you will probably be on Trek or just getting back (well it was actually a month after Trek).  But I hope you get it rapidisimo (very quickly).  Well if its after Trek that you recibira esta carta (receive this letter).

I hope you are learning more Spanish so when I get back we can talk completely in Spanish.  Tambien (also) its really likely that you will serve a mission aqui (here) in South America.  It will be easier for you porque usted sabe los basicas de Espanol entonces usted aprendera mas raido (because you know the basic of Spanish then you will learn faster). Is it weird that you are going to be leaving for a mission soon? Mira (look), I have a year and half left in the mission.  When I get back next year you will be in your senior year.  You will turn 18 and then se ya, you're gone.  That's not a lot of time.  Una escritura exlica que tiempo es como un sueno (It is written that time is like a dream).  Really its so fast.  I am only 6 months (8 months once we received the letter) into the mission but every week is just faster and faster.  Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like a day.  Time is so fast and life is short.  I pray and hope with all my heart that you are preparing now.  Read the Scriptures. Read the Book of Mormon, its such a freaking awesome book. Pray.  Get in the habit of praying at night before you go to bed, when you wake up, every meal and when you leave the house in the morning.  Pray when you study las escrituras (the Scriptures).  Pray always.  Seek ye the kingdom of God.  Gain a testimony and keep the commandments.  I know you're awesome but think of how much more awesome you could be if you do those things.  Something I want you to try this summer is follow the missionary schedule.  If you don't know it, I will dire (tell) it to you. Pagina  (page) 14 de the white handbook.

I hope you are soaking all the Awesome experiences that you have had and will have.  But use this time to grow not only physically but que as mas importante is ser fuerte spiritual (that is most important as being strong spiritual).  Dude you got to send me more photos of you and the family.  I am really digging your hair and your style now.

This week we have 3 baptisms.  I can promise you that there is no greater joy than having someone lost, return and be baptized.  But the temple is the meta (goal).  That is what we always need to strive for.

Brother, you are so freaking awesome.  Keep biking, drawing, being stylish and working.  I am so proud of you. 

I love you Bro
Elder Luke

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