Sunday, August 24, 2014

Handwritten letter to his sister Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,

I am sorry I haven't written you sooner.  I have been so busy furthering along the Kingdom of Go.  Its crazy how much time I really don't have.  Its hard to go to bed on time when there is so much to do.  What do you suggest I do to get to bed on time?  We have this way of waking up in the morning.  Once our alarm goes off we all start screaming what ever number we were given. "Uno! Uno! Uno! Uno! Dos! Tres! Tres! When we are all up and yelling our number that's when we are allowed to turn off the alarm.  If one of us is still asleep and not yelling his number we jump on him and push him until he gets up.  What do you think about that?  Maybe you should try that for family scripture study in the morning?

How is school?  When you probably get this letter, school will be over and you'll probably just be starting Summer (well it came at the end of summer).  What do you want to do this summer?  Go to McCall? Hiking? Skiing?  (ha! Just kidding). Tal Vez (perhaps) biking? Learn an instrument?  Drawing?  You have a lot you could do, just make sure to have fun.  Mom told me that you have been drawing.  It seems like everyone in the family can draw now.  That's awesome.  Keep drawing and practicing.  Talk to Brandon and Dad because they know a lot about drawing.  They can help you learn and get better. 

Rebecca you are growing up, its crazy.  Just make sure you grow up to be a valiant young lady in the Church.  I remember when we would watch "So you Think You Can Dance." You would always announce to the family if their outfits were modest or not.  I don't know if you still do that, but its things like that that make you grow up to be a fine daughter of God.  Always remember who you are and soak up every moment you have with the family

I love you Becca
Elder Brian Luke

PS You voy esperar por mi proxima Carta :) (You'll wait for my next letter)

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