Monday, April 27, 2015

Most of all I want to be like my dad

Well I can say that I am just amazed, and for sure I cannot top your awesome experience (at stake conference). I love when you guys send me spiritual experiences because I learn from them. I love Travis Hammaker (a six year old from our ward who gave a talk in stake conference on Sunday). So cute. That is so good that you were able to learn from the stake conference. This last week was our ward conference and they talked mostly about families also. I wanted to share so many things I have learned from you and dad. Even though they were only talking to the parents I wanted to share my perspective through the eyes of a son who has learned a lot from his parents. Most of all I want to be like my dad. I appreciate more all the experiences that we have. Not because I am away but that I have greater and deeper understanding on the importance of this life. A lot of the things I learn in the mission is from applying it in my mind on experiences with you and dad in the past. All in preparation to be a father in the future. Wow time flies. I was thinking, I will return home from the mission and I will have 20 años, what happens if I marry that next año. Getting married at 20 años. That sounds weird. But " its not good that man is alone". Well that's for the future. But so many blessing my future family will receive for my service here. 
Well this week we had a baptism. It was very spiritual and wonderful. It was my companion's first baptism. He did a good job and he was so filled with the spirit that evening. Also it was cool because I was directing the music in the service and while my companion and the lady were changing their clothing after the ordinance, we sang two hymns, when we got to the end of the second hymn, the sister had just sat down. It was perfect timing. Super awesome.
Today I am writing late because as a district leader I was invited to go to something called consejo de lideres (leadership council). Normally the zone leaders only go. But I and a few others were invited. I learned a lot and it motivated me a lot. Its wonderful to be with President. He always stresses the importance to take advantage of the mission because it prepares our lives. I also was able to see old friends and say good bye to my first zone leader and very close friend. Elder Estrada. He is from California. He goes home next week. 
Wow time  flies. But its good....
I love being a missionary.
I got your package. SUPER HAPPY AM I.  I love the ties and nutella. It got opened in the shipping and spilt a little on the ties, but i can wash them. Thank you so much.
Well ya I have to go teach people and bring people unto Christ. What a beautiful responsibility.
I love you


I love you so much father

Hey dad,

I love your words.  I really have found to understand the understanding of the scripture in Moses 1:29 that says "for this is my word and my glory to bring to pass the imortality and eternal life of man." In other words we only have glory when we choose the right and follow Christ, other than that when we progress and become more perfect, his glory grows. Its what I see in you. The fact that I am choosing the right and serving and Brandon and Ben want to go on missions, those things I bbelieve gives a father personal inter glory. 
I love you so much father.


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The middle of March we held three regular multi-zone conferences here in Guayaquil, which started each day with a special 6:30 session at the temple just for the missionaries.  After finishing the temple session, they boarded buses, received home-made muffins and yogurt and headed to the church for the conference. It was wonderful to be able to start the conferences by going to the temple, although it did cause a little more sleepiness during the meetings than usual.  We may have to do afternoon sessions next time!  Below are lots and lots of pictures. We have the best missionaries in the world!! - Sister Dennis

Monday, April 20, 2015

Everything ia goodish

Well I don't have a lot to say this week. Everything is goodish.  I like what you said about how we can only do our best and God fills in the rest. exactly what I need to hear. This week I have been good.  Its good to hear from you guys because it motivates me, it helps me to keep going. Like Captain Moroni fought for his family and their protection that's a huge motivation.
This week I had a cool experience where I talked with a Buddhist. They don't believe in God. Wow that was interesting. I asked them then where are we going after death. They said that we are born again in another form. Living and dying and living and dying over and over again. SO I told him then there isn't purpose to life. I said to bring a knife and lets take our lives because base on the theory there is no purpose to be here. Obviously it was to make a point and he couldn't explain to me. In the end I just bore my tesimonio on my believe in Christ.  Its so sad to believe that people are SO lost. They wont get it in this life. They can't believe.  They will just have to wait until the last day. I don't get mad, I get frustrated and then sad because they are just getting lost and lost even more and don't want to be rescued.
This week we are going to have a baptism. She is awesome and my companion is going to baptize her. She is so awesome.  Everyone in the church on Sunday was talking about her and motivating her for her baptism. The bishop personally on the pulpit gave her some inspiring words of motivation. She is awesome. She is 77. She was born in 1938.

Well I know this is short. I am not as inspired this week. I need to work hard this week. I want to lose myself in the work this week. I will give you a report on how it goes next week. I am so proud of you guys on studying Preach My Gospel. I love it, it is so inspiring. Keep studying.
I am grateful for your prayers and love,
I love you

Breaking News... Its Hot and I'm Sun Burnt

Hey mom,
Breaking news, BREAKING NEWS, ,,,,,,,,, its hot and I am sun burnt.
Its that I was playing futbol today and when we left the clouds were out and it was over cast, so I didn't even think about sun screen. Then boom it was like playing futbol on the sun. 

It felt good to run and sprint and win a few times. I was playing one time and almost kicked full on the face of my zone leader an ex companion Elder Cordova. But I got inches from his face and I retreated, wow. The other time I did a really high kick and boom goal GOOOOOOOOOAL. To not be too prideful, but I  was awesome. Even though I lost almost every time, I only won once. haha  But it was fun to play again. I am not good but it is fun. But now my legs hurt a lot. I am going to be sore for a good time.
Well this week in Ecuador was not good number wise but I can't say that I wasn't edified even more. I have been listening to the conference talks and I am learning so much. But to start from scratch. Monday was okay. Then on Tuesday was awful. I was stressed, I got on myself a lot. It was one of the worst days that I have had in the mission. I didn't want to work. I just felt that with so much pressure and responsibility that I couldn't complete, why was it even worth it. I was mad at my companion, at my self and just frankly stressed out. I felt that everything was on me, and it is still on me, but what I have gotten to is that I need to be more patients. I am imperfect. soooo imperfect. but with some prayers and help from the zone leaders, now I am good. I feel now that Christ with me is pulling the load. It feels a lot better. I feel even more the influence of the Spirit. Romans 8:17.
Now its all good and we are kicking a long. I have seen even more weaknesses but I am more calm. I stand back and pray. I feel spiritually so much better.
This week I was with my companion on Saturday and we went with a member who is a returned missionary and an awesome friend. We went to this house, but before we got there he told me that he had fought with his crush. He said that he isn't doing well. I shrugged it off and we taught the lesson. The member taught a lot of the lesson. He admits and I do to, that he didn't have the Spirit.  While we taught the spirit wasn't there. While he taught I thought in my mind, what is going on, why is the Spirit not here, why is this family not getting it. That's when I realized that the member is not authorized to teach like me and my companion. It wasn't his place to do so. SO as we left we conversed and learned why it was such a bad lesson. We went to another family. This time it was different, the spirit was so strong. All of us had repented for the bad lesson we had given and now the Spirit was back. It filled the room. I felt it and the investigator felt it. She told us that she had questions and we were able to respond to them. It was a beautiful lesson.  The spirit is the key to everything. If we do this work to get it over with and then just get it done, we wont be successful. It would be like ride a bike down hill on the easy gear. Spinning and spinning and just losing energy. The Spirit is what gets it done through each of us, only if we allow it.

Have a wonderful week.
a lot of love a lot
Elder Luke 

Monday, April 6, 2015

I am now once again edified over the words of a living Prophet

Well I am now once again edified over the words of a living prophet and apostles. Wow normally when I see the conference I like a few talks but this conference I think the Spirit touched me in every single talk. With exception to the ones I didn't hear and the African dude that I didn't understand very well. Also the beloved Elder Packer, I didn't understand a lot of his talk. But wow, was it powerful every single talk just was in preparation for the second coming and was directed, I feel, to me. 
First I loved how there was a huge theme of first Marriage and the FAMILY. Almost everyone talked about the families. The lady who gave the second talk on Saturday said that men are most attractive when they serve faithfully and worthily in their callings. 
Also they talked a lot about being founded on a firm testimony. Really being converted and not falling away. I honestly feel that in these ultimate days we are going to face more difficulties that are going to shake the faith of a lot of people. 
Other than that they testified so powerfully on Christ. I loved Elder Holland (like always) I wont admit that I cried during his talk. But.....
Also Elder Andersen talked about the second coming. We are so close, it can be any moment. Some bore their testimony and said that "I am a witness that Christ lives". It would have been easier if he just said "well I have seen Christ, he actually lives". But even though he didn't say that, I felt the Spirit say it. I really feel that He lives. I have never seen him. I will let you know if I do, haha, but I believe and feel his existence.   Elder Uchtdorf said that Christ opens doors that we can't. I know he was talking about Heaven but I know it applies to me and searching for people.
I love the talk about the dancing and the music. That was beautifully put together.
I have been a little down this week. I have tried a lot and have felt major stumbling blocks fall in my place. I feel alone. But when I opened my patriarchal blessing. The first line says, that God is mindful of me and he loves me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I  just have to rely on Christ and together we will ascend together.
A funny side note. I got to listen to Conference in English. But for Elder Packer and the African  dude, I listened to it in Spanish because I understood it better.
I am so happy that you were able to receive revelation during conference and got something out of it. I just wish everyone could have listened to the conference.
Side not. The prophet spoke so little. I am so worried for him.  He looks so bad in his health. Also Elder Packer. I actually was praying that God could let the prophet feel my love. We know that someday he will be taken from this world. I surely will cry.  I have such a strong testimony that he is a prophet. 
I love you so much. Te amo. Se que vive mi señor. El me ama y me sostenga. (I love you. My Lord lives. He loves me and holds me.) I loved the part when I think Elder Holland said that Christ embraces us even with his pierced hands and feet.
God really loves me.

Elder Luke 

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