Monday, April 20, 2015

Breaking News... Its Hot and I'm Sun Burnt

Hey mom,
Breaking news, BREAKING NEWS, ,,,,,,,,, its hot and I am sun burnt.
Its that I was playing futbol today and when we left the clouds were out and it was over cast, so I didn't even think about sun screen. Then boom it was like playing futbol on the sun. 

It felt good to run and sprint and win a few times. I was playing one time and almost kicked full on the face of my zone leader an ex companion Elder Cordova. But I got inches from his face and I retreated, wow. The other time I did a really high kick and boom goal GOOOOOOOOOAL. To not be too prideful, but I  was awesome. Even though I lost almost every time, I only won once. haha  But it was fun to play again. I am not good but it is fun. But now my legs hurt a lot. I am going to be sore for a good time.
Well this week in Ecuador was not good number wise but I can't say that I wasn't edified even more. I have been listening to the conference talks and I am learning so much. But to start from scratch. Monday was okay. Then on Tuesday was awful. I was stressed, I got on myself a lot. It was one of the worst days that I have had in the mission. I didn't want to work. I just felt that with so much pressure and responsibility that I couldn't complete, why was it even worth it. I was mad at my companion, at my self and just frankly stressed out. I felt that everything was on me, and it is still on me, but what I have gotten to is that I need to be more patients. I am imperfect. soooo imperfect. but with some prayers and help from the zone leaders, now I am good. I feel now that Christ with me is pulling the load. It feels a lot better. I feel even more the influence of the Spirit. Romans 8:17.
Now its all good and we are kicking a long. I have seen even more weaknesses but I am more calm. I stand back and pray. I feel spiritually so much better.
This week I was with my companion on Saturday and we went with a member who is a returned missionary and an awesome friend. We went to this house, but before we got there he told me that he had fought with his crush. He said that he isn't doing well. I shrugged it off and we taught the lesson. The member taught a lot of the lesson. He admits and I do to, that he didn't have the Spirit.  While we taught the spirit wasn't there. While he taught I thought in my mind, what is going on, why is the Spirit not here, why is this family not getting it. That's when I realized that the member is not authorized to teach like me and my companion. It wasn't his place to do so. SO as we left we conversed and learned why it was such a bad lesson. We went to another family. This time it was different, the spirit was so strong. All of us had repented for the bad lesson we had given and now the Spirit was back. It filled the room. I felt it and the investigator felt it. She told us that she had questions and we were able to respond to them. It was a beautiful lesson.  The spirit is the key to everything. If we do this work to get it over with and then just get it done, we wont be successful. It would be like ride a bike down hill on the easy gear. Spinning and spinning and just losing energy. The Spirit is what gets it done through each of us, only if we allow it.

Have a wonderful week.
a lot of love a lot
Elder Luke 

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