Monday, April 6, 2015

I am now once again edified over the words of a living Prophet

Well I am now once again edified over the words of a living prophet and apostles. Wow normally when I see the conference I like a few talks but this conference I think the Spirit touched me in every single talk. With exception to the ones I didn't hear and the African dude that I didn't understand very well. Also the beloved Elder Packer, I didn't understand a lot of his talk. But wow, was it powerful every single talk just was in preparation for the second coming and was directed, I feel, to me. 
First I loved how there was a huge theme of first Marriage and the FAMILY. Almost everyone talked about the families. The lady who gave the second talk on Saturday said that men are most attractive when they serve faithfully and worthily in their callings. 
Also they talked a lot about being founded on a firm testimony. Really being converted and not falling away. I honestly feel that in these ultimate days we are going to face more difficulties that are going to shake the faith of a lot of people. 
Other than that they testified so powerfully on Christ. I loved Elder Holland (like always) I wont admit that I cried during his talk. But.....
Also Elder Andersen talked about the second coming. We are so close, it can be any moment. Some bore their testimony and said that "I am a witness that Christ lives". It would have been easier if he just said "well I have seen Christ, he actually lives". But even though he didn't say that, I felt the Spirit say it. I really feel that He lives. I have never seen him. I will let you know if I do, haha, but I believe and feel his existence.   Elder Uchtdorf said that Christ opens doors that we can't. I know he was talking about Heaven but I know it applies to me and searching for people.
I love the talk about the dancing and the music. That was beautifully put together.
I have been a little down this week. I have tried a lot and have felt major stumbling blocks fall in my place. I feel alone. But when I opened my patriarchal blessing. The first line says, that God is mindful of me and he loves me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I  just have to rely on Christ and together we will ascend together.
A funny side note. I got to listen to Conference in English. But for Elder Packer and the African  dude, I listened to it in Spanish because I understood it better.
I am so happy that you were able to receive revelation during conference and got something out of it. I just wish everyone could have listened to the conference.
Side not. The prophet spoke so little. I am so worried for him.  He looks so bad in his health. Also Elder Packer. I actually was praying that God could let the prophet feel my love. We know that someday he will be taken from this world. I surely will cry.  I have such a strong testimony that he is a prophet. 
I love you so much. Te amo. Se que vive mi señor. El me ama y me sostenga. (I love you. My Lord lives. He loves me and holds me.) I loved the part when I think Elder Holland said that Christ embraces us even with his pierced hands and feet.
God really loves me.

Elder Luke 

Meridian Idaho North Stake Missionaries in Ecuador

Brian's convert from Bastion Popular


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