Monday, April 20, 2015

Everything ia goodish

Well I don't have a lot to say this week. Everything is goodish.  I like what you said about how we can only do our best and God fills in the rest. exactly what I need to hear. This week I have been good.  Its good to hear from you guys because it motivates me, it helps me to keep going. Like Captain Moroni fought for his family and their protection that's a huge motivation.
This week I had a cool experience where I talked with a Buddhist. They don't believe in God. Wow that was interesting. I asked them then where are we going after death. They said that we are born again in another form. Living and dying and living and dying over and over again. SO I told him then there isn't purpose to life. I said to bring a knife and lets take our lives because base on the theory there is no purpose to be here. Obviously it was to make a point and he couldn't explain to me. In the end I just bore my tesimonio on my believe in Christ.  Its so sad to believe that people are SO lost. They wont get it in this life. They can't believe.  They will just have to wait until the last day. I don't get mad, I get frustrated and then sad because they are just getting lost and lost even more and don't want to be rescued.
This week we are going to have a baptism. She is awesome and my companion is going to baptize her. She is so awesome.  Everyone in the church on Sunday was talking about her and motivating her for her baptism. The bishop personally on the pulpit gave her some inspiring words of motivation. She is awesome. She is 77. She was born in 1938.

Well I know this is short. I am not as inspired this week. I need to work hard this week. I want to lose myself in the work this week. I will give you a report on how it goes next week. I am so proud of you guys on studying Preach My Gospel. I love it, it is so inspiring. Keep studying.
I am grateful for your prayers and love,
I love you

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