Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Leadership training meeting

From the Mission's Blog

The end of August we had our September leadership council.  In attendance were 22 zone leaders, six sister training leaders, the assistants, and a number of district leaders.  We have wonderful mission leaders!

El fin de agosto tuvimos el consejo de líderes para septiembre. Asistieron 22 líderes de zona, seis hermanas líderes, los asistentes, y algunos líderes de distrito. Tenemos maravillosos líderes de la misión!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The district of God that he has placed in my hands is progressing

Buenos tardes mama (good afternoon Mom)

Well today has been a good day and a tiring one. Well also this week has been good. First, today we went this place called the chocolate maker or la chocolatera. Well I don't know why its called that because there wasn't any chocolate at all, all my expectations were let down. But I guess the sight was pretty cool. Just kidding.  I loved it. It was a very cool beach where I got to mess around with my gopro and take a butt load of pictures. I also went walking on the beach. It was a cool day to spend with my companions. I hope you like the pictures. There were a lot of foreign people there. 

Also this week we went to Guayaquil for a conference and there I was able to see some old friends and listen to some good doctrine. The president talked about repentance and the Spirit and learning English. Now we are speaking more English with my companions. We were practicing teaching in English and it was fun to mess around. But we could feel the Spirit. Its weird how it works. 
I know I am not supposed to see movies or watch TV but on the bus ride home that day I was distracted by Jurassic World. It was really cool. But then I had to pray a lot so that the Spirit would come back with me. On the ride back the zone leaders didn't come with us so another district leader and I were like acting zone leaders in that moment. So we decided before we returned back home we would go out to eat at McDonald's. It was amazing. I felt so much power in that moment. It was nice. But we got home super late and so the entire day we didn't work at all. It was fun.

Well we are doing awesome. The district of God that he has placed in my hands is progressing. The success of the entire zone only came from the district of God that he has placed in my hands. I was so happy. We are going to complete the goals of August and now we are amped up to work for September. 

This Saturday that is coming we will be having a baptism. He passed the interview. So I will have more pics the next week. 

Hey also I completed my first memory card on my camera. It took me so long to do it, but now I am going for my second. it will be fun.  I like taking pictures. I think I got that from mom. 

Well I don't know what else to write. but I have 15 weeks left. but who's counting. I think I am going to end the mission here in Santa Elena. These last few days have been very cold. Its AWESOME: I love the cold. 

Well mom,
I love you 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Well I can tell you that this week my pride was cut down by God

Well I am coming home soon. Its weird to think that only three more missionaries (from our home ward)  come home and then I am there. I love being a missionary but I am excited to go home. I am excited to see you again. It didn't look like Matt cried (a friend of Brian's came home from his mission on Friday.  We sent him pictures.)  Well you will  have to bring the tissues because I am going to cry as I see you. BUT there is still a lot of time left.

Elder Kartchner's HUG
Well this week was actually pretty good. We did another invasion where we found really good people for the elders that live with us. We are working very well and we are seeing the blessing of the fruits from our labors.

His District
We are teaching the dad of the little girl I baptized and he had a baptismal date for September but then he said that he wants to do it sooner. So who am I to impede him. So this next week he will be baptized but now we need to teach a lot of things this week.

Also we had this less active member who went to church this Sunday and his son in 8 and he isn't a member and so its our turn to baptize him. Its awesome. Also the grandma is listening to us.

Well I can tell you that this week my pride was cut down by God. I was contacting with my companion and I wanted to contact a house on the street that was huge and when we contacted it this huge black guy came out and greeted us. He wasn't Latin, He was American and he was from South Carolina. Well he was nice off the bat but I found a problem I couldn't speak very well. I was thinking in Spanish and having to translate it into English. So he started making fun of me. Maybe he didn't mean to but I was ashamed. He asked me ¨How can you forget you native language? Its like riding a bike you never forget¨. That made me feel bad. So then I tried to proselyte and ask a few questions in English but it didn't come out the way it does in Spanish.  So he got a little offended by the question and then he put up his argument on the topic and I wasn't able to answer his questions and defend the truth that I was TRYING to share. It didn't come out. He showed me up. It wasn't because he knew a butt load of scriptures but it was the statements, it was the argument and my argument was written in Spanish and I was translating it into English. I haven't felt as nervous ever since I first got here when I wasn't able to speak Spanish. The guy was not a bad person but I just felt useless. I don't like feeling that way. At the end he shared with me that everyone has trials and that in his moment he was testing me, So I responded and said that God was testing me, then he responded, yes He is testing you through me. I smiled and he smiled I said, huh how weird, I shook his hand and said good bye and left. I took one step and the tear fell down my face. I felt that I had lost the ability to speak English and teach people in my native language. I felt that the Spirit wasn't with me even though I prayed for that guidance in that moment. I was useless. my confidence in myself and also my testimony was being wavered and I think it scared me more than anything.  I feel that my pride was being built up and being built up and boom it was cut down. I am still trying to learn from the experience but I feel that God is trying to teach me. He made his point. 

This week I was able to talk to Miguel Rivelo from Salinas 2 and he shared with me that he has seen miracles and that he had been to the temple. He was so happy. He told me that he was playing soccer the other day and his calf burst and the muscle fell down. He wasn't ale to walk. So he asked for a blessing. The missionaries (my old companion and step son Elder Inuma and my Grandson Elder Turpo).  That night he slept very well and when he woke up he was completely fine. His calf was back into place and he was walking normally. The power of the priesthood and how strong of faith he has in Christ. I admire him so much in how strong he is to God.

Thanks for your prayers. We are going to complete our goals of the month of August as a district. 8 baptisms and 10 rescues. We are going to complete and I feel so happy. I feel useful in my district. I have been working with them and now we are having success. I am not receiving the glory but I like being the instrument so that God can bring to pass his works. Its wonderful.

Thank you for everything. I thank God everyday for my family and for my testimony.


Lots of love

Elder Luke

Monday, August 10, 2015

It feels good to baptize and to rescue people.

First, that sucks that dad was sick. this last week.  I was sick also. Bathroom trips a lot and a few close calls in the street. CLOSE CALLS.  Funny stories. 

Thanks for informing me about the Facebook updates. (Several of Brian's friends are getting married, getting mission calls or coming home from their missions.)  Its cool to hear how people are acting or changing their lives and doing things. But like you said that's weird that Elder Kartchner is coming home. Wow I have so little time left. Its weird. But I am not trunky. Not at all. Maybe a little tired at times. I feel that the nights are getting shorter. This morning we woke up late because when the alarm went off my companion turned it off really fast.  We are 4 that live in the same room and we didn't hear it. So nobody woke up. It wasn't until something told us to wake up when we realized that we had slept in. It was super funny.

This week was good. It feels good to baptize and to rescue people. It feels really good. This week we spent more time taking care of the baptisms and the district. We went and did an invasion in the sector of the Sister Missionaries. They haven't been doing very well. But thanks to the invasion we found a lot of really good people. We had a good time and it helped the unity and motivation. Due to such invasion the Sisters brought 2 people to church. Which is really decent. I am happy that it worked. Therefore this week will be doing the same in another sector in my district with the same hopes that it works equally. We will have to see,. 

Now we are working for September. Then October and November and... WELCOME HOMES. AHAHAHA. 
okay okay okay. ya . 
Its true. time flies when you're having fun,

Well I think this last few months are of great importance. Its where I can make my progress as a missionary complete. I can apply all that I have learned and help other missionaries in their progress. 

Thanks for your prayers. Thank you for your love. I feel it everyday. The mission is hard but its perfect. I love it.

I love you

Elder Luke 

Oh this boy makes me laugh!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Please pray specifically asking God for help to complete our goal

Well this week has been a stress.  A lot of teaching people. Completing the teaching of the people who are going to be baptized. We had 3 people who were inactive be rescued yesterday and we are going to have two baptisms of two little kids. One is from one of those families we rescued and the other is the daughter of a recent convert so that pertains to us. So this month we're going to complete our goals. Super cool. The goal is 2 baptisms and 3 rescues. So on Sunday we are going to complete the goal. Its nice because now I can focus on helping my district. I am going to have a lot of divisions and invasions and exchanges this week. In hopes that my district can complete the goal of 8 baptism and 10 rescues. It would be nice if you guys could pray specifically asking God for help to complete this goal. That would help. Thank You.

Random thought. I had a dream the other day that i was singing and singing and nobody payed attention but I was singing really good. I loved it. I had to verify when I woke up if I had sung in my sleep. My companions told me no. But I love singing. Its a lot easier now than before. (If you don't know, the Luke's are not very good singers so this is an impressive statement from this Elder.)

This week I found a scripture in 2 Nephi that said "cursed be those who mix with the lamanites" speaking to the Nephites. In the reference at the bottom of the page about the word mix means get married with people of other religions. I found another scripture that explained better. In D&S 132:15 explained that if a couple only is married for this time and not for the eternity it isn't valid. and the marriage doesn't mean anything before God. That's because we need to be sealed. Its the only way a family can be together forever. It was cool learning about that. All in preparation for the future. I have found some return missionaries that aren't sealed. I asked one of them if what he is doing right now will get him the exaltation. He told me no. But I felt true love for him because due to his wife he can't. But we always have to make right decision that will set up our future because if we take other roads for a short time can take us to places where we didn't want to go in the first place. I think that's why God says in Alma 37:37, "consult with God in every act so that we may take decision that will bring us home to God".

I am happy that everyone is fine and that everything is good.  

I am good too.
Love you so much.


p.s. the sector is nice but there is a lot of dirt, which is not new. Also my companion is very quiet, which is the opposite than my attitude. but we are woking.
A convert from Elder Sanchez my old companion