Monday, August 10, 2015

It feels good to baptize and to rescue people.

First, that sucks that dad was sick. this last week.  I was sick also. Bathroom trips a lot and a few close calls in the street. CLOSE CALLS.  Funny stories. 

Thanks for informing me about the Facebook updates. (Several of Brian's friends are getting married, getting mission calls or coming home from their missions.)  Its cool to hear how people are acting or changing their lives and doing things. But like you said that's weird that Elder Kartchner is coming home. Wow I have so little time left. Its weird. But I am not trunky. Not at all. Maybe a little tired at times. I feel that the nights are getting shorter. This morning we woke up late because when the alarm went off my companion turned it off really fast.  We are 4 that live in the same room and we didn't hear it. So nobody woke up. It wasn't until something told us to wake up when we realized that we had slept in. It was super funny.

This week was good. It feels good to baptize and to rescue people. It feels really good. This week we spent more time taking care of the baptisms and the district. We went and did an invasion in the sector of the Sister Missionaries. They haven't been doing very well. But thanks to the invasion we found a lot of really good people. We had a good time and it helped the unity and motivation. Due to such invasion the Sisters brought 2 people to church. Which is really decent. I am happy that it worked. Therefore this week will be doing the same in another sector in my district with the same hopes that it works equally. We will have to see,. 

Now we are working for September. Then October and November and... WELCOME HOMES. AHAHAHA. 
okay okay okay. ya . 
Its true. time flies when you're having fun,

Well I think this last few months are of great importance. Its where I can make my progress as a missionary complete. I can apply all that I have learned and help other missionaries in their progress. 

Thanks for your prayers. Thank you for your love. I feel it everyday. The mission is hard but its perfect. I love it.

I love you

Elder Luke 

Oh this boy makes me laugh!!

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