Monday, August 3, 2015

Please pray specifically asking God for help to complete our goal

Well this week has been a stress.  A lot of teaching people. Completing the teaching of the people who are going to be baptized. We had 3 people who were inactive be rescued yesterday and we are going to have two baptisms of two little kids. One is from one of those families we rescued and the other is the daughter of a recent convert so that pertains to us. So this month we're going to complete our goals. Super cool. The goal is 2 baptisms and 3 rescues. So on Sunday we are going to complete the goal. Its nice because now I can focus on helping my district. I am going to have a lot of divisions and invasions and exchanges this week. In hopes that my district can complete the goal of 8 baptism and 10 rescues. It would be nice if you guys could pray specifically asking God for help to complete this goal. That would help. Thank You.

Random thought. I had a dream the other day that i was singing and singing and nobody payed attention but I was singing really good. I loved it. I had to verify when I woke up if I had sung in my sleep. My companions told me no. But I love singing. Its a lot easier now than before. (If you don't know, the Luke's are not very good singers so this is an impressive statement from this Elder.)

This week I found a scripture in 2 Nephi that said "cursed be those who mix with the lamanites" speaking to the Nephites. In the reference at the bottom of the page about the word mix means get married with people of other religions. I found another scripture that explained better. In D&S 132:15 explained that if a couple only is married for this time and not for the eternity it isn't valid. and the marriage doesn't mean anything before God. That's because we need to be sealed. Its the only way a family can be together forever. It was cool learning about that. All in preparation for the future. I have found some return missionaries that aren't sealed. I asked one of them if what he is doing right now will get him the exaltation. He told me no. But I felt true love for him because due to his wife he can't. But we always have to make right decision that will set up our future because if we take other roads for a short time can take us to places where we didn't want to go in the first place. I think that's why God says in Alma 37:37, "consult with God in every act so that we may take decision that will bring us home to God".

I am happy that everyone is fine and that everything is good.  

I am good too.
Love you so much.


p.s. the sector is nice but there is a lot of dirt, which is not new. Also my companion is very quiet, which is the opposite than my attitude. but we are woking.
A convert from Elder Sanchez my old companion

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