Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hey mom,thanks for the good laugh. I was so happy to hear what you guys did so that dad´s birthday was something special.You guys are creative. (We threw his dad a surprise party)

Well the activity of watching Meet the Mormons was okay. The movie was in voiced over Spanish but like you said that the couple from Costa Rica was in Spanish.  Also a few times English subtitles showed up. I don't know why. We had a good amount of people. Very few non members, but I know that the it said something to someone. There was this part member family that went, the daughter, son, mom, aren't members. They attended and they loved it and it was very nice to see them there. The bad things is that they live outside our sector. 

Other news, I was transferred But I didn't go very far. I am now in Santa Elena 3. I don't know the sector yet so I can't tell you anything. But the house isn't that great but manageable. But  we are going to change houses soon. MY new companion is now Elder Soto, from Peru. He has the same time on his mission as my last companion.  My last companion Elder Inuma is going to train. I am going to have grandsons. HAHAHAH. Because Elder Inuma is my son and now he is going to train and so the new missionary will be my grandson. I hope you get it. I am so happy for him, he is powerful.

To be honest, I wanted to be zone leader. I can admit that I was bummed. I was also tired and so that didn't help. I started to sing a song. The first song that came to mind was "oh esta todo bien" (all is well I think its called in  English). I started to calm down. until I got home and fell asleep and as I woke up I just felt that the Spirit had calmed my soul. I just felt that God was guiding my life and I just needed to trust. I don't even have desires anymore to serve as a zone leader. I just want to serve my heart out. I am ending the mission. I have four transfers left. I am almost dead. Therefore, I need to die trying. I love God. As I was going to my new house with my new sector I looked out the window and what did I see. Not pop corn but I found some inspiring words from God. Oddly enough it came from a sign of a beer company that said ´´ BETTER TIMES ARE AHEAD.´´
God really loves us. Even though we are immature babies compared to him, he loves us so much.

Oh also this new sector is where Elder Sanchez, my old companion was. He told me a lot of this sector. now I am glad to know his converts.

love you

Watching "Meet the Mormons"

Sister Missionaries from his old sector

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