Monday, July 20, 2015

19 Months in the mission

Wow I am so happy for you guys. Its so wonderful to listen to funny stories and to hear the progress of the business.  That's so nice that the entire family was out doing things together. I love that. Its good experiences.
Well I will have tell you that to day that I now have 19 months in the mission. I now have 4 and a half months left to return home. TIME FLYS when your having fun. I feel like I am in the movie Inception when they got all drugged up in a dream, passed by a whole but load of time in the dream but time really didn't change for them in the real life. Here we get lost in the work and everything happens and boom one has 19 months, or boom your back at home. But I guess everything changes while I am changing.  Change is good.  The success in the life comes based on how fast we can adapt to changes.
Well this week has been low on everything. Low on lessons and people teaching and we don't have a lot of people that want to listen to us. But we are now going to focus on working through the members. That's because this week we are going to have a ward missionary activity.  You wont imagine what we will be doing.  We are going to .... watch MEET THE MORMONS.  Thanks to my awesome family, I got that movie in a package and now we are going to use it to introduce the church to these people.
We also had a family in church. It was super cool because he has focused a lot on his family and the entire church lessons were on the family. Families are just so awesome. Its brilliant the idea of the family. Its the way to build a strong future or destroy one.   If the parents focus on what is most important and teach the kids as they grow up to follow God, then future generations will follow that example. But if the family doesn't apply the basic principles of a family and of God, then future generations will follow other paths that aren't of God.
Well sorry I don't have a lot to write.  I think the closer we are getting to my return, the less words we use. Just saving it for the giant hug.

until next week

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