Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I think that the pictures make up for the lack of words.

Well I don't have a lot of time because the pictures took so much time to load.and while you are loading it doesn't allow you to write or send things. Wow,

We had a baptism.  I baptized it was fun. Its easy baptizing little kids because they don't weigh at all. boom  baptized and their done. It was a very nice experience.

I received you package. Thank you so much. I wear the shirt everyday (We sent an US Flag shirt for the fourth of July but he didn't get it in time.  OH well.)  I have seen the entire movie and bonus features of Meet the Mormons (also in the package). I am playing with the glow sticks and I love the wedding invitation of Elder Smith and his wife.  I was super excited to receive that package. Oh also the ties, I loved it. Thanks so much.  This 24th of July we are going to have a ward activity of seeing the movie meet the Mormons with investigators.

This week in my studies I have learned that I shouldn't complain. I was reading about Lamen and Lemuel who were complaining about how their families had suffered everything but death.  They said that it would have been better if they had died in Jerusalem. Reading that passage the Spirit told me something. He said that its better to complete with what God commands us and to suffer than to not complete and die. After Nephi made the ship and they shipped of in the ocean and his brother tied him up, after they had lossed the bands in fear of dying by the waves, Nephi said that his wrists and legs were swollen and it was very painful that experience, but he said " nevertheless I came unto God and never complained of my afflictions". wow. WOW. I think the Spirit has been trying to teach me that I should stop complaining.

Well I have to go. I think that the pictures make up for the lack of words. You have to know that I am super happy and healthy.

I love you


Elder Luke and his love of ties

"If you want to give light to others, you have to GLOW yourself." Thomas S Monson

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