Monday, October 26, 2015

I don't want to give this calling up


Well its a little nerve racking thinking that the snow hasn't come yet(in Boise). That is a bummer. But like we always say. We have to pray for snow. The prayer is something powerful.

I am happy to know that the family is good and that everything is moving along. This week for me has been good also. To be honest, I could have given more and I am going to give more. Yesterday I had a long talk with my companion that I am actually scared. I think that with such a short period of time left I don't have much time to do the things I want to do. I was thinking back on when I first got on the mission.  I wish I could go back. But the clock is ticking and the time is going faster. Don't get me wrong, I want to be with you but I love being a missionary and I don't want to give this calling up. To be honest this week I was a little bored. I think I made it boring.  I was tired.  I wasn't as motivated as normal. But today I was pondering on this subject and I read my patriarchal blessing. I realized that this next five weeks I still have an influence. I can still make a change. I can still leave a legacy.  That's a goal now that I have set to make these next weeks a sweet, muscle tired, spiritually drained, emotionally beat, super tan, and getting fit and skinny. 

I am thinking that I have been understanding more how the Spirit communicates to me. I did a baptismal interview in my zone and I was confused if I should let this lady be baptized. She even asked me if she can be baptized. So I told her that if she could get out of the room I would ask God. I can't judge it but it was a very honest prayer. Where at the end I understood what the Lord was trying to say to me through the Holy Ghost. THE SPIRIT SPEAKS SILENTLY: He spoke to me. God was actually very happy that she had decided to be baptized. Her baptism is this week. Also in my sector we are going to have a baptism this week. So heads up, photos next week. But this next week I have to go to Guayaquil, therefore I will write you guys most likely on Tuesday. If I don't write by Tuesday don't freak out. Be calm and know that I am..... Elder Luke. jajaja. i don't know if you understood what I just did there but whatever.

Going back to the way God speaks to us. I felt so in my studies when I am meditating about a scripture and then a phrase or a sentence or something just pops in my head, of which I learn more. Its not just my mind remembering things. That's the promise of the Spirit, He will remind us of all that we have learned in the moment we need it.

Pray for me as you always do that I may be consecrated. I will pray for the business and your wellfare. 

Thank you for letting and support me to be a missionary, I am very grateful.

Have a wonderful week, 

I love you,


Monday, October 19, 2015

I recognize the time I do and don't have but I also recognize that I can't give up

Well you might be wondering about the photos, well I was transferred. I was transferred not today but on Wednesday. I am still a zone leader but I am in a place called Portoviejo. Its a lot hotter hear but manageable. I am sweating more but I am eating so well here.  These last few days I have eaten, ceviche, vichem encebollado, and some other really good food. Everyone says that I am going to get fatter hear. but my companion now is really cool so he will motivate me to work out more.
My new companion and last companion is Elder Taylor. He looks like he is from Spain or Venezuela or Brazil, but he is from Utah. Straight American. We speak a lot of English together but it's our goal to cut back on that one.

Well just to my luck I got to the sector and we have two baptisms. How lucky for me. As you can see from the pictures I baptized the little girl.  I like baptizing.  It's fun and it just fills you with joy.
Well i didn't want transfers but this time i accepted it. But the bad thing is that my companion takes the lead in all things so I get kind of bored because I am not hyper active doing things. I just follow him around.I give my ideas but I still just get bored. Its different from my last companion where he let me take control and that helped me stay focused these last months or weeks. But I am still focused, I recognize the time I do and don't have but I also recognize that I can't give up. I have to go out fighting.
It was sad to say good bye to some very close missionary friends in Salinas. Elder Moore gave his last testimony in the mission because today he goes home. In his talk he talked about the importance of taking advantage of these two years to not only help ourselves but to help others. He shared a story that was in the magazines of the church. It was a story of this man who when he was older with his family he was baptized by missionaries. When he was baptized he prepared to receive his Patriarchal Blessing.  After receiving his blessing the next Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. He decided to share his testimony. Doing so he started that he wanted to direct his attention to the youth and read to them a part of his blessing. He started. "You would have been baptized in the church earlier in your live but the missionary that was going to baptize you decided not to go on a mission."  So I write this to my siblings and all the youth that read this letter. The mission is SO important to serve other that are waiting for you. Live you life in preparation to serve and bless those people that are waiting for you. These people I imagine we had met in the pre-earth life and we had promised them to go and rescue them. What happens if we don't follow through with that promise? Like i said in my last letter, then everyone is affected, future and past generations.  That touched my heart listening to his testimony and it helped me to really soak up these lasts weeks in the mission.
I am happy and enjoying this service. Its hard. but its the best for everyone.
Have a wonderful week.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Christ is the co-pilot. He is there to help if we ask

Wow I am so happy for the business. Its awesome. All my companions thought I was a geek laughing and getting excited for the amount of inventory we have. But that's what happens when you love something and it starts growing.

I am also very impacted by your dream. How wonderful. God is very mysterious but direct in the way he communicates with us. 

This week what has happened is the same old same old. Working and working. But this week I got sun burnt. But that's normal. This week I have been listening a lot to the conference talks.I love listening to Elder Hales. Its like a heads up for the future return missionaries.

This week I gave a talk in the ward. I talked about a scripture that impacted me from the conference. It's in Mathew 13:44. Click here for a link to the scripture. This man found treasure so he went and sold everything to buy the land where the treasure was found. He Sold EVERYTHING. in the temple we promise God to be consecrated or dedicate EVERYTHING to Him. I love finding scriptures on this topic because I feel that God is giving me a hint.  Luke 14:29-31

Also this week we received a reference. That reference was of a less active of which the husband isn't member. But he has a lot of health problems. Well we contacted the reference and started teaching them. The husband can't walk. He doesn't remember things very well. He cant speak very well. He is missing a leg and on the other leg the doctors screwed up on an operation. so he cant walk at all. well he has bean burdened down by this tragic thing in his life. We started teaching him and he has started to trust in us. He cant read and he can't remember how to pray but his heart is honest and broken. My companion and I pushed him in his wheelchair to the church and back. He has accepted to be baptized this 31st of October. At first I will admit that I thought of him as a number. That was my fault. But as I started serving him and as I saw my companion serve him, my heart and mind changed. He isn't a number, He is now to me a child of God that maybe won't be a way to help progress the church through his service or help but God wants him to go back to him.  He can't go back without the ordinances that God has set. That's where our job comes in. I was thinking the other day of his ancestors. How much they are depending on him for their salvation. 

In a conference talk I heard that we are the pilots of our lives. I started thinking then who are the passengers. I think that the passenger can be future and past ancestors and descendants. If we decide to fly into a storm then they are affected also, If we decide to start maneuvering through mountains they are affected. If I or you or anyone takes one decision there are many affected. So now it's down to us. Everything in this moment depends on us. Lets not get stressed out because Christ is the co-pilot. He's there to help if we ask.
I learned in church through a fellow missionary named Elder Moore.  He talked about how God doesn't send us through afflictions and trails and just super hard times to punish us. Yet it is to make us better and to change us. Everything is for our well being. So I thought that as I prayed for a challenge to be more humble I received something subtle and small that the Spirit called my attention to recognize Gods hands. I have two years in the mission and ya think my feet would be used to walking. But I have this bruise looking blister on the entire ball on my foot. I don't know how to get rid of it and it hurts. But I recognize Gods designs. I prayed for it and so I accept it. 

I love you so much, I love god and I love serving him.

Have a wonderful week. 


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I am great and I loved Conference

I am great and I loved Conference.  I am so happy that everything is working out with the employees and also that you were able to support Zoe when she came home from her mission.

Really the highlight of my week was Conference and the results of the Conference. First I am so afraid that President Monson won't make it to the next conference. Its weird how much love one began to have for a man I have never talked with personally. But I remember when he came to the celebration in Idaho for the temple and I could feel the Spirit. That's when I received my testimony of modern Prophets. Even though I have never talked to him I love President Monson. I was praying that God could help him finish his talk. I thought he was going to pass out or fall down. He is a consecrated member.

I watched most of the Conference in English. I loved it. I didn't have air conditioning but I got to learn in my natural language. I got to the conference with one question. That question was if I should wait a certain time after the mission to seek to get married. I know mom you don't like these questions but as a soon to be returned missionary I know what needs to be done. But I asked for guidance to know if I should wait. Well Elder Hales responded to me.  He said that one should not pass their 20s dating and set aside marriage only to have a good time, something like that. I understand that you got to date to marry.Here is a link to Elder Hales talk

Other than that I loved listening to Elder Bednar in the end. I loved to hear and learn that as a young adult I have a lot of abilities, therefore I can do many things and my attention is divided. But as one gets older, one begins to lose such abilities, so you start to focus on what really matters most. I think that is very suiting for the situation of President Monson. Here is a link to Elder Bednars talk

Also I loved Elder Holland's talk. I wasn't expecting him to talk about MOMs. But that was a major thing in the conference. It made me miss you mom a lot. It opened my eyes to the importance of women in Gods plan. We need to worship two people. Christ for redeeming us, and also our moms for in Spanish it also referred that mom "you are my redeemer along with Christ." Very impacting. Here is a link to Elder Holland's talk

Also I was in an exchange this week and I had a dream that I was with this other man, we were about to jump in a pool when a man in a suit came out and said hi. He was short, chubby. and a little bald. Then I looked at the other man with me. He had told me that he was the next apostle. He had said his name but I couldn't remember it when I woke up. It was one of those things that if I could hear it I would remember. Well after waking up I looked at the chart of the prophet and apostles and the 70. Well I chose Elder Rasband. How weird but cool. Due to technical difficulties I didn't get to listen to their messages.  Here is a link to Elder Rasband's talk

Also yesterday I was in a leader meeting. I learned a lot about focusing on what is most important and helping people to progress. During the conference we had 22 people in the church. 9 of those have baptismal dates. There for the rest we need to work and extend the baptismal date. That's our success for this month and the next month.

Its getting close but I am not distracted. I am focused. I am not like David Whittmer in Section 30 of the Doctrine and Covenants Verse 1 and 2. I got my eyes only of the glory of God. Until I am no longer His representative.Here is the link to the scripture reference.

I love you so much. Have a wonderful week.