Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I am great and I loved Conference

I am great and I loved Conference.  I am so happy that everything is working out with the employees and also that you were able to support Zoe when she came home from her mission.

Really the highlight of my week was Conference and the results of the Conference. First I am so afraid that President Monson won't make it to the next conference. Its weird how much love one began to have for a man I have never talked with personally. But I remember when he came to the celebration in Idaho for the temple and I could feel the Spirit. That's when I received my testimony of modern Prophets. Even though I have never talked to him I love President Monson. I was praying that God could help him finish his talk. I thought he was going to pass out or fall down. He is a consecrated member.

I watched most of the Conference in English. I loved it. I didn't have air conditioning but I got to learn in my natural language. I got to the conference with one question. That question was if I should wait a certain time after the mission to seek to get married. I know mom you don't like these questions but as a soon to be returned missionary I know what needs to be done. But I asked for guidance to know if I should wait. Well Elder Hales responded to me.  He said that one should not pass their 20s dating and set aside marriage only to have a good time, something like that. I understand that you got to date to marry.Here is a link to Elder Hales talk

Other than that I loved listening to Elder Bednar in the end. I loved to hear and learn that as a young adult I have a lot of abilities, therefore I can do many things and my attention is divided. But as one gets older, one begins to lose such abilities, so you start to focus on what really matters most. I think that is very suiting for the situation of President Monson. Here is a link to Elder Bednars talk

Also I loved Elder Holland's talk. I wasn't expecting him to talk about MOMs. But that was a major thing in the conference. It made me miss you mom a lot. It opened my eyes to the importance of women in Gods plan. We need to worship two people. Christ for redeeming us, and also our moms for in Spanish it also referred that mom "you are my redeemer along with Christ." Very impacting. Here is a link to Elder Holland's talk

Also I was in an exchange this week and I had a dream that I was with this other man, we were about to jump in a pool when a man in a suit came out and said hi. He was short, chubby. and a little bald. Then I looked at the other man with me. He had told me that he was the next apostle. He had said his name but I couldn't remember it when I woke up. It was one of those things that if I could hear it I would remember. Well after waking up I looked at the chart of the prophet and apostles and the 70. Well I chose Elder Rasband. How weird but cool. Due to technical difficulties I didn't get to listen to their messages.  Here is a link to Elder Rasband's talk

Also yesterday I was in a leader meeting. I learned a lot about focusing on what is most important and helping people to progress. During the conference we had 22 people in the church. 9 of those have baptismal dates. There for the rest we need to work and extend the baptismal date. That's our success for this month and the next month.

Its getting close but I am not distracted. I am focused. I am not like David Whittmer in Section 30 of the Doctrine and Covenants Verse 1 and 2. I got my eyes only of the glory of God. Until I am no longer His representative.Here is the link to the scripture reference.

I love you so much. Have a wonderful week.


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