Monday, September 28, 2015

I was praying and came to the conclusion...

Its sad about the death of Harland. I was not expecting that today, but as you said he is in a better place. I think he will be a lot more happier.

I am happy that everything working very well in your lives. I have been praying for the business that the new employees will help the business, and from what you have said that it is working. How wonderful.

Well I have some news. Thanks for your prayers and fast but the Ancon branch is going to be closed. Our efforts were too late to save the branch. The papers have been signed and the Prophet has approved on shutting it down. But I realized that it really is the will of God then. The people here aren't receptive.  In 5 hours we had only two lessons which is very unproductive.  The less actives are now recently going to church, but its too late.  They can't do anything.  But by shutting down the church there I think it has called the attention of the members so that they recognize their mistakes. It is like the parable of the talents. The one servant that received one talent didn't do anything with that talent and so it was taken from him. The members didn't take advantage of the talent and blessing they had received therefore the privilege of the church in their town would be taken from them. Its sad but there isn't much we can do. But my companion and I are going to work there every once in a while. For the mean time they will be asked to assist in another ward a little farther away. 

This week I went to the temple. How wonderful, HOW AWESOMELY WONDERFUL. I love the temple. I would love to just live there and never leave. its so peaceful. At first I wasn't paying attention but towards the end of the session I was spiritually in tune and I was able to receive revelation. Really this week I was thinking a lot about extending my mission a month and a half longer. Not that I don't want to be home for Christmas but it was a topic on my mind.  When I got in to the Celestial room I was praying about that and came to the conclusion that I should not extend. I felt that and so I wont. Don't worry. ("what... no... ok... its going to be alright". Said this missionary mom.)  But I just need to focus more.

We also had a capacitation and we learned about family history. A lot of it was good but there were times where it was really boring because this man was talking about how to make an account, We have grown up with that, everyone knows  how to make an account, but he decided to focus on how to put a password or user name. I felt like the scriptures in Acts, when Paul was talking A LOT, that there was a kid that fell asleep and fell from the third floor and died. Paul had to bring him back to life. I felt like that kids, Sleepy from a lot of talking. Also yesterday the Bishop talked in the priesthood meeting and wow. The same story.

On the way back I saw a movie in the bus super cool, its called HOUR. Well the guy from the fast and the furious was in it. it was nice.

I love you guys so much, I am excited to go home but I am also afraid, because its a different way of life back home. I am already used to a white shirt and tie. to me there aren't any other clothes. It will be a huge change. BUT I WILL HAVE YOU GUYS AND GET TO BE WITH YOU.
Say HI to the new employees. 

Have a wonderful week.


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