Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Elder Luke, having been born of GOODLY PARENTS...

Dear mom,

I love you so dearly. 

First I would like to share with you guys that I was transferred again. AGAIN. I returned to the Salinas ward. Can you imagine. I returned but now I am in another sector. I was in Salinas 2 and now I am in Salinas 1 as a zone leader.  I think that everything that happens in our lives is so that we humble ourselves unto God and seek his strength in trials and good times. I feel that even though this is a privilege to serve as a zone leader I need to humble myself. 

This week I was able to download from a member the movie, "17 Miracles" and "Ephraim´s Rescue." I have seen it many times in the house. But I have learned so much from their stories. I love to learn more about the hardships and suffering of the old pioneers.  I love that so many times they were suffering they humbled unto God and they received help. Some were so strong in their faith that they died trying to get to Zion. I always ask myself over and over again if I would be ready to give my life for this work. When I first started the mission I had a feeling that I was going to be a missionary for all my life. Their was a story in the movie 17 Miracles of this man that was sick but he prayed and promised God that if he would spare his life and permit him to get to Zion he would dedicate his life to this work. He got to Zion in the end and he spent the rest of his life serving the lord.  I wonder many times if the members of the church would be so ready to make such a sacrifice. I cannot respond to the question because I don't know. but I hope that I would be like them. 

Also I loved learning in the scriptures this week about the Sabbath day. Levitico 26:2  Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.  I was able to learn about what reverence is.  Reverence is not just being silent but it is showing respect, not a profound respect for the sacred thing. The Sabbath day is sacred therefore I need to show reverence and strict and profound respect for that day. I was remembering all the time I didn't do my part in showing respect, like when I graduated and I was at the party until 3 in the morning and I woke up and went to church the next day. I realized that I was sloppy in my reverence and I thought of it as something small. But now that my eyes are opened I have come to realize that for the small and simple thing, brings to pass larger things in the future. 

Well this week we are going to have a white out night where a lot of people are going to be baptized. We are going to all meet up and have one service for all those people. It will be awesome and as a zone leader I feel that I will be in charge of such a grand moment. Also the next week I will be able to baptize an investigator. As I am in the same zone I can return and baptize him.  Now we are working for October. But this month we are going to the temple, and conferences and other trips to Guayaquil. It will be fun.

Thanks for sending me pictures. I love seeing how people are growing up. I am so proud of my family. I guess pride is bad but I am in other words, grateful  that I have the best family on the entire world. Now the other people that read this letter that aren't of our family will think that that statement is wrong because they have the best family and they're right. The best family is the one God assigned you in. Mom, dad Ben, Becca Brandon and I were were assigned together. I am  grateful for such a thing. I can say" I Elder Luke, having been born of GOODLY PARENTS,..." but also I think that I am learning so much that I can mix this knowledge with all that I have observed from you guys, and apply it in my future family so that the future generation will be better than us. And they will apply the same thing. Learn from the parents and from the mission and mix it up and refine the processes of creating a family so that in 10 generations they can be more obedient, even more observant in listening to the Spirit. That's why the gospel is set up to make us perfect. Better and better everyday. As we get better the world gets worst. Funny how that works. But we get better not for the world but for God. I love the scripture in Isaiah that explains that the ways of God aren't our ways and our words or thoughts aren't his thoughts. For his ways and thoughts and words are higher than ours. Knowing such things make me strive to get to the level of God, to know his ways. BE like HIM.

I love you so much.


p.s. I don't know exactly when I will be returning home but what an approximate answer would be that I would return home the 1 or 2 of December.  I will keep you updated.


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