Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Like a sprint. You always run your hardest at the end.

I hope that nobody is freaking out. Its just that yesterday we didn't have anytime to write and now I am doing it today.


I am so happy for dad (Steve raced LotoJa a 204 mile bike ride this last week and did really well). He is truly a stud.  I am so proud of him. Not many kids my age can say that their dad is so studly because a lot of friends I have here in the mission have dads that are huge and don't do things like ride a bike for 204 miles and get high up on the ranks.  I am going to be bragging about dad for a while here.


Well this week we had two baptisms. It was very stressful getting to that point because Satan was working hard but we were able to pull it through. Sister EV and RE were baptized. EV gave her testimony at the end that was very spiritual and powerful. Her mom was there who is not Mormon. EV told her mom in front of everyone that she knows that this is the true church and that now her baptism is correct. Wow and she told everyone that she put her job on the line to follow the example of Jesus Christ. She works in a Catholic school and has hidden her decision to be baptized in the Mormon church from her boss. Such a decision can cause her to lose her job. At end she told her boss and said that she knows that this is true and that if they were going to firer her so it be. but the boss didn't fire her yet and supported her in her decision. Mom. I want to be honest that I am sad also like my brother and sister that you worked on Sunday. I am sad. Look at the example of EV, she put everything on the line to keep the commandments.  The pioneers left everything to keep the commandments.  Peter James, John, and Joseph Smith. Remember 1 Nephi 3:7 Link to the scripture


Well this week I was thinking a lot about what would happen if I didn't work diligently on my mission or in the time I have left.  If Christ came down and asked me why didn't I work with all my heart might mind and strength. Why didn't I take advantage of this time. I wouldn't be able to make excuses. I realized that this last time I have is to give my all. Like a sprint. You always run your hardest at the end.

There are a lot of missionaries that are getting tired or are not focused. It frustrates me and my companion because they are holding back the zone. But its funny that my companion and I are those that have the most time in the mission out of all the zone and we are the most motivated. Except a missionary that is training right now.  He extended his mission. He already has completed with his 2 years but decided that he could give another month to the Lord. (This mom is not ready for that to happen).  I admire him so much. as a leader.  I don't have time at all. I don't even have time to go to the bathroom. I don't know how I do it but there is no time. It keeps me focused. I love it and grateful that God has put me in this position as zone leader. 


Thank you so much for your prayers and letters. I wish the best for the entire family.


I love you mom




p.s. pronto estare en sus brazos. (I'll be in your arms soon)

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