Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Really it isn't a time to rest but it is a time for spiritual exercise

Bueno mom,

I know that you have been probably worried because I didn't write yesterday. Well I was asked to go to Guayaquil for a council of leaders of the mission.  To be honest I didn't want to go. I was thinking that I was going to wake up early and lose sleep and spend money going to Guayaquil.  I wanted to do other things other than listen to more teachings. Well I wasn't going to say no. We got there very well and in short words, I am grateful that God had inspired someone to permit me to be in that council. I learned so much and I felt so powerfully the spirit testify of such teachings.
What I learned is about the Sabbath day. I don't know if in the states they are putting a lot of emphasis on this subject, but recently it came out here. What I learned is that I wasn't keeping the Sabbath day holy, not even as a family. I think we need to change. Our president shared a few scriptures about how the Sabbath day we don't do our own will. What does that mean? We aren't aloud to do what we want. What normally we did which is our will and not the will of God is that we watched movies on Sunday. Sunday is a day to be apart from the world and such things keep us from riding on the high tops as it says in Isaiah 58:13-14.  Sometimes we went to play baseball or futball. We went to do somethings that I found isn't correct. Even reading a magazine/book that isn't of the church is doing our will. football games, etc. I don't write this to offend. But if we read the scriptures then we will come to realize what we can do to take advantage of Sunday. Its not just a muscle rest. Really it isn't a time to rest but it is a time for spiritual exercise.  A day we can lock up the telephone and facebook and search for spiritual insight. We have so many tools given to us from God through the church that we can use so that that day is not our day yet its the day of the Lord, a delight and something sanctified.
Well some thoughts that I have had, but a lot of things I am going to be learning soon. These teachings didn't come from President Dennis but it came from Elder Bednar and the other apostles and God himself brought to us through his prophet of old.  I learned that if we focus more on how we can sanctify the sabbath day then this will augment the progress of the church in the future. 
I also realized that as a missionary my sabbath day is everyday. because everyday I should be dedicated to god. I hope that this can change our familia little by little because its something I learned that we as a family need to work on.  who are we to take away the day of the lord. Its His day, not ours.
Also this week we had the baptism. It was really nice and spiritual. This month of August has been very awesome for the mission. We complete the month when the goal was 97 and we ended with 101 baptisms. Its the first time in 1 year that we have completed the goal. but this time our goal and logros were people converted, because before we baptized like 300 people in one month but they were future less active people not really converted. Now we have changed so much as a mission.
Its funny I have little time left in the mission, but I just feel even more animated to work.
WORK WORK WORK, That's how we have the spirit and we are able to bring to pass the work of God.
I love you mom, I wish a very good week for all the family.
p.s. a few scriptures about the sabbath day.   Meditate in them and what it teaches us.
Jeremiah 17:21-27 Click here for the scripture link
Isaiah 58:13-14  Click here for the scripture link
Exodus 31:12-17  Click here for the scripture link
Leviticus 26:2 Click here for the scripture link
D&C 59:9-13  Click here for the scripture link
Nehemiah  10:31  Click here for the scripture link
Juan (also known as John) 6:47-58  Click here for the scripture link
There are a few that I have found. enjoy.

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