Monday, October 26, 2015

I don't want to give this calling up


Well its a little nerve racking thinking that the snow hasn't come yet(in Boise). That is a bummer. But like we always say. We have to pray for snow. The prayer is something powerful.

I am happy to know that the family is good and that everything is moving along. This week for me has been good also. To be honest, I could have given more and I am going to give more. Yesterday I had a long talk with my companion that I am actually scared. I think that with such a short period of time left I don't have much time to do the things I want to do. I was thinking back on when I first got on the mission.  I wish I could go back. But the clock is ticking and the time is going faster. Don't get me wrong, I want to be with you but I love being a missionary and I don't want to give this calling up. To be honest this week I was a little bored. I think I made it boring.  I was tired.  I wasn't as motivated as normal. But today I was pondering on this subject and I read my patriarchal blessing. I realized that this next five weeks I still have an influence. I can still make a change. I can still leave a legacy.  That's a goal now that I have set to make these next weeks a sweet, muscle tired, spiritually drained, emotionally beat, super tan, and getting fit and skinny. 

I am thinking that I have been understanding more how the Spirit communicates to me. I did a baptismal interview in my zone and I was confused if I should let this lady be baptized. She even asked me if she can be baptized. So I told her that if she could get out of the room I would ask God. I can't judge it but it was a very honest prayer. Where at the end I understood what the Lord was trying to say to me through the Holy Ghost. THE SPIRIT SPEAKS SILENTLY: He spoke to me. God was actually very happy that she had decided to be baptized. Her baptism is this week. Also in my sector we are going to have a baptism this week. So heads up, photos next week. But this next week I have to go to Guayaquil, therefore I will write you guys most likely on Tuesday. If I don't write by Tuesday don't freak out. Be calm and know that I am..... Elder Luke. jajaja. i don't know if you understood what I just did there but whatever.

Going back to the way God speaks to us. I felt so in my studies when I am meditating about a scripture and then a phrase or a sentence or something just pops in my head, of which I learn more. Its not just my mind remembering things. That's the promise of the Spirit, He will remind us of all that we have learned in the moment we need it.

Pray for me as you always do that I may be consecrated. I will pray for the business and your wellfare. 

Thank you for letting and support me to be a missionary, I am very grateful.

Have a wonderful week, 

I love you,


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