Monday, November 2, 2015

Well my days are numbered. Its coming close. But it hasn't come yet. I have time.

Wow this week I had a lot of emails in my inbox. Wow it took a long time to read it, but so exciting
 what is going on in your lives. Well here nobody really celebrates Halloween, how lame right. But instead they go to the cemeteries and remember their family that have passed away. This week for such a holiday for them we didn't go to Guayaquil for the conference. But Maybe during this week or maybe next week I will be going. I really enjoyed your pictures that you  sent me. It brightens my day. Not that my days are dark, but it's like a cherry on top to a nice Sunday.

I am happy for Brother (Bishop) Hutchings, I know he will serve with all his heart. But I have to say that I am a little sad that Bishop Cleverly won't be able to receive me as a Bishop. He was a really huge help in the process of getting me on the mission. But either way I will see him. I really thought he was going to last until 4 weeks more but that's the way God wants it. We can't see his plans.  We can only go with it and trust in him.

This week we had a baptism.  The same day earlier in the morning a sister in the zone was passing out and feeling dizzy and not acting normal, so we had to go and give her a blessing, It was weird being in the sister missionaries house. Then I said something really stupid, I said, "sisters if you guys need anything like food or something you can call us and we will deliver it". Well after the baptism of Carmen, they called and said "hey we want hamburgers and milk shakes". Normally here when you offer help nobody wants it so I always say it because nobody accepts it.  This time she accepted. I was like esta bien, okay. The worst part was that we were fasting and so we weren't able to buy some for us.  We had to watch them prepare it in front of us and everything and not taste anything. What a bummer. But we were able to serve.

Yesterday I learned two things. First I have been battling a question for a while. I  always testify that Christ lives but I have never seen him, I don't know that He lives, yet i believe that He live. My faith hasn't turned to a perfect knowledge yet.  While I was meditating on that in the sacrament meeting my mind was lead to a scripture that is in Ezekiel 20:20
And hallow my Sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the Lord your God.

I have explained this before in the olden days the sabbath day was on Saturday so that those people would understand that God is almighty. Now it is on Sunday as a señal or signal to indicate us that Christ lives. I have experienced to its fullest the Sabbath day and I have come to realize that indeed Christ does live. I know now because I have seen the signal.

The other thing is that in a marriage you have to speak the same language. not only being able to communicate verbally but also to be together in all things. For example speaking the same language would be reading the scriptures together, praying together, going to church together, and being on the same page. Its something that was said in church that I thought was neat.

Well my days are numbered. Its coming close. But it hasn't come yet. I have time.
I love you so much. I want you to know that I have prayed and fasted for snow. Our business depends on it.

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy RED ROBBINS ......... YUMMMMMMM (Family birthday dinner at Red Robbins to celebrate Brian's birthday on the 5th).

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