Monday, November 9, 2015

Somebody asked me if it was my birthday. I said, wow, it is.

We got Elder Luke's travel plans to come home!!!  His family is very excited.  We assumed that he would have received the information too but we didn't share it with him, just in case he didn't want to know.  An end date is a scary thing for those who are immersed in the service of God.  For those who are excited for a return date, like us, he will be coming home to Boise, Idaho on Tuesday December 1st at 12:52pm.  He will be giving his homecoming talk on Sunday December 13th at 9am.

Well I don't even know my flight plans. I feel a little out of the loop but I really don't want to know the flight plans either way.

This week I will tell you that we went to Guayaquil for leaders council. It was cool because I was able to train other leaders and also voice my opinion in some subjects. It wasn't until we finished the council on Thursday that somebody asked me if it was my birthday. I said, wow, it is.  I had forgotten. To you guys I didn't receive cakes. I didn't receive a lot of congrats. That's weird in your eyes, but I loved it. I hid it from everyone. I even bought my own cake in the end. I liked it. I didn't want to be the center of attention. I wanted to focus on other things. Some of the members now are remembering that it was my birthday, I just smile and say yes it was my birthday.  In my mind I was like thanks for forgetting. I didn't feel like I had taken a day off work from the Lord. But I did invite my companion and a district leader in my zone to eat while we were in Guayaquil. I really liked it. But now its weird saying that I am 20 years old. 

I don't have much to say, as my time is coming to an end I don't have much to say because what I can say I can say in person very quickly. I feel that this change from missionary to not is going to be hard. Every time I think that I am ending the mission soon I started tearing up. I absolutely love the mission. But this was a lot of preparation for a lot of many harder years to come.

Know that I am well, with the Spirit, sad, happy at the same time, healthy, sun burnt, and I am a Mormon.
jajaja, my "I am a Mormon message"

I love you guys


Brian - I was tired
Mom - and sun burned
Brian - I have to soak up the sun so I look super tanner than you guys soon

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