Monday, October 19, 2015

I recognize the time I do and don't have but I also recognize that I can't give up

Well you might be wondering about the photos, well I was transferred. I was transferred not today but on Wednesday. I am still a zone leader but I am in a place called Portoviejo. Its a lot hotter hear but manageable. I am sweating more but I am eating so well here.  These last few days I have eaten, ceviche, vichem encebollado, and some other really good food. Everyone says that I am going to get fatter hear. but my companion now is really cool so he will motivate me to work out more.
My new companion and last companion is Elder Taylor. He looks like he is from Spain or Venezuela or Brazil, but he is from Utah. Straight American. We speak a lot of English together but it's our goal to cut back on that one.

Well just to my luck I got to the sector and we have two baptisms. How lucky for me. As you can see from the pictures I baptized the little girl.  I like baptizing.  It's fun and it just fills you with joy.
Well i didn't want transfers but this time i accepted it. But the bad thing is that my companion takes the lead in all things so I get kind of bored because I am not hyper active doing things. I just follow him around.I give my ideas but I still just get bored. Its different from my last companion where he let me take control and that helped me stay focused these last months or weeks. But I am still focused, I recognize the time I do and don't have but I also recognize that I can't give up. I have to go out fighting.
It was sad to say good bye to some very close missionary friends in Salinas. Elder Moore gave his last testimony in the mission because today he goes home. In his talk he talked about the importance of taking advantage of these two years to not only help ourselves but to help others. He shared a story that was in the magazines of the church. It was a story of this man who when he was older with his family he was baptized by missionaries. When he was baptized he prepared to receive his Patriarchal Blessing.  After receiving his blessing the next Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. He decided to share his testimony. Doing so he started that he wanted to direct his attention to the youth and read to them a part of his blessing. He started. "You would have been baptized in the church earlier in your live but the missionary that was going to baptize you decided not to go on a mission."  So I write this to my siblings and all the youth that read this letter. The mission is SO important to serve other that are waiting for you. Live you life in preparation to serve and bless those people that are waiting for you. These people I imagine we had met in the pre-earth life and we had promised them to go and rescue them. What happens if we don't follow through with that promise? Like i said in my last letter, then everyone is affected, future and past generations.  That touched my heart listening to his testimony and it helped me to really soak up these lasts weeks in the mission.
I am happy and enjoying this service. Its hard. but its the best for everyone.
Have a wonderful week.

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