Monday, August 24, 2015

The district of God that he has placed in my hands is progressing

Buenos tardes mama (good afternoon Mom)

Well today has been a good day and a tiring one. Well also this week has been good. First, today we went this place called the chocolate maker or la chocolatera. Well I don't know why its called that because there wasn't any chocolate at all, all my expectations were let down. But I guess the sight was pretty cool. Just kidding.  I loved it. It was a very cool beach where I got to mess around with my gopro and take a butt load of pictures. I also went walking on the beach. It was a cool day to spend with my companions. I hope you like the pictures. There were a lot of foreign people there. 

Also this week we went to Guayaquil for a conference and there I was able to see some old friends and listen to some good doctrine. The president talked about repentance and the Spirit and learning English. Now we are speaking more English with my companions. We were practicing teaching in English and it was fun to mess around. But we could feel the Spirit. Its weird how it works. 
I know I am not supposed to see movies or watch TV but on the bus ride home that day I was distracted by Jurassic World. It was really cool. But then I had to pray a lot so that the Spirit would come back with me. On the ride back the zone leaders didn't come with us so another district leader and I were like acting zone leaders in that moment. So we decided before we returned back home we would go out to eat at McDonald's. It was amazing. I felt so much power in that moment. It was nice. But we got home super late and so the entire day we didn't work at all. It was fun.

Well we are doing awesome. The district of God that he has placed in my hands is progressing. The success of the entire zone only came from the district of God that he has placed in my hands. I was so happy. We are going to complete the goals of August and now we are amped up to work for September. 

This Saturday that is coming we will be having a baptism. He passed the interview. So I will have more pics the next week. 

Hey also I completed my first memory card on my camera. It took me so long to do it, but now I am going for my second. it will be fun.  I like taking pictures. I think I got that from mom. 

Well I don't know what else to write. but I have 15 weeks left. but who's counting. I think I am going to end the mission here in Santa Elena. These last few days have been very cold. Its AWESOME: I love the cold. 

Well mom,
I love you 


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