Monday, April 27, 2015

Most of all I want to be like my dad

Well I can say that I am just amazed, and for sure I cannot top your awesome experience (at stake conference). I love when you guys send me spiritual experiences because I learn from them. I love Travis Hammaker (a six year old from our ward who gave a talk in stake conference on Sunday). So cute. That is so good that you were able to learn from the stake conference. This last week was our ward conference and they talked mostly about families also. I wanted to share so many things I have learned from you and dad. Even though they were only talking to the parents I wanted to share my perspective through the eyes of a son who has learned a lot from his parents. Most of all I want to be like my dad. I appreciate more all the experiences that we have. Not because I am away but that I have greater and deeper understanding on the importance of this life. A lot of the things I learn in the mission is from applying it in my mind on experiences with you and dad in the past. All in preparation to be a father in the future. Wow time flies. I was thinking, I will return home from the mission and I will have 20 años, what happens if I marry that next año. Getting married at 20 años. That sounds weird. But " its not good that man is alone". Well that's for the future. But so many blessing my future family will receive for my service here. 
Well this week we had a baptism. It was very spiritual and wonderful. It was my companion's first baptism. He did a good job and he was so filled with the spirit that evening. Also it was cool because I was directing the music in the service and while my companion and the lady were changing their clothing after the ordinance, we sang two hymns, when we got to the end of the second hymn, the sister had just sat down. It was perfect timing. Super awesome.
Today I am writing late because as a district leader I was invited to go to something called consejo de lideres (leadership council). Normally the zone leaders only go. But I and a few others were invited. I learned a lot and it motivated me a lot. Its wonderful to be with President. He always stresses the importance to take advantage of the mission because it prepares our lives. I also was able to see old friends and say good bye to my first zone leader and very close friend. Elder Estrada. He is from California. He goes home next week. 
Wow time  flies. But its good....
I love being a missionary.
I got your package. SUPER HAPPY AM I.  I love the ties and nutella. It got opened in the shipping and spilt a little on the ties, but i can wash them. Thank you so much.
Well ya I have to go teach people and bring people unto Christ. What a beautiful responsibility.
I love you


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