Monday, May 4, 2015

I am asking that the Lord would touch the hearts of my investigators so that they may glow in the darkness

Well mom, I have learned something this week that might help you. The brother of Jared had a problem in the Book of Mormon. They were commanded to build ships but there was no light in the ship. We can compare this to our situation. We have built the business but there is something missing. The light. Returning to the story in the book of Ether, the brother of Jared asks the Lord if he will provide the light or are they supposed to remain in all the trip in the darkness. The Lord responded with something that impacts me, he said what is it that thou would have me do? The idea of the rocks glowing was from the brother of Jared but he asked the Lord with faith that he would touch the rocks with his finger. I am now asking that the Lord would touch the hearts of my investigators so that they may glow in the darkness just like the rocks. Now the question is what is it that you would have the Lord do for the business? The Brother of Jared asked in faith and he received and with that he saw the finger of Jehovah/ Christ in spirit, and with that the veil was taken away from his eyes and he saw EVERYTHING: imagine if we ask with faith and we have the same thing happen. Now maybe we wont have the same experience but we can defiantly receive guidance. God can touch our business with his finger and it will glow. 
Well also this Sunday was very good. I was able to share my testimony and there were a lot of people that went to church along with the investigators that we brought. Also my district improved so much this week.  It is very good because now we are almost set up to complete our goals. That's a good feeling.

This week I went to a sector in my district where it rained and i got super soaked. It is all earthy and it turned to mud and I was like skiing in mud. I didn't fall but I was soaked.  We didn't have out umbrellas but thankfully I had my scriptures protected.

This week at church I was reading during the Sacrament in John 6, that talks a lot about the Sacrament. I was just impacted so much and filled with the Spirit.  I bore my testimony on how I want God to approve my actions like he was so prideful of Christ when he said for behold this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. After sitting down from baring my testimony, I just felt that someone was hugging me. I just felt in that moment that God was satisfied. It was a wonderful feeling.

Well transfers passed and I am safe, I am still with Elder Crush. I might have wanted to be change a little bit, but I know that God wants me here, so what can I do. Who am I to go against God.

Well any questions about Sunday? I might cry a little bit, because we are getting close to the moment of giving you that hug.

I love you

About a month ago we sent Brian a package that included a bunch of ties.  He said that Ties make him happy and are his one way of changing things up.  But he really wanted skinny wool ties.  Trust me nobody sells wool ties anymore.  For a good reason.  But every time I go to Deseret Industries we look for skinny ties.  This package of $2 ties brightened his day.  Here is his mini-fashion show.


This tie was a joke.  It was wool but one of the biggest ties I had ever seen. 
Brian likes it and everyone thinks it works on him since he is so much taller than everyone else.  ha ha


Wow... looking skinny ElderLuke

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