Monday, May 11, 2015

Lets talk about God and Christ. But obviously I still love talking about bikes.

Well mom,
How's it going, I will let you know that everything is good. I am happy, things are getting done and yea.
It was really nice to see you guys yesterday. I saw everyone so clearly and it was nice to see the family. But its wasn't as personal as I wanted it to be. While we were talking in that house there were a lot of people and it wasn't personal. But it was cheerful. To be straight honest I wanted to talk more about the church and what I teach and doctrine. I don't know why. Its because Ecuador isn't that cool, its the mission that is freaking awesome. But all is good, the best part is that I only have a short time left to be back with the family, that's when we can talk full doctrine and scriptures. Its weird, back before I left I wanted to talk about music and bikes, now its like, lets talk about God and Christ. A huge personality change. That's almost all I talk about here. Its because I have come to find that that is what is most important. But obviously I still love talking about bikes. Music not much, but Bikes I do miss. 
Well like I told you, I was able to bring 5 people to church. When we got home we knelt down and offered a prayer giving thanks to God for blessing us with five people. Our goal was 4. The last week we only got 2 to church and before that 1. So we are improving. I am so glad because I feel that I am doing this with the strength of God. That's how it should always be but a lot of times we trust in our own strength and we forget God. We have to trust and we receive so much more success.
I am so happy mom that you had such a special gift for mothers day. Even though it was your day, well it shows how awesome dad is. I want you to know that whenever he writes me he always tells me that you are a blessing in our lives and that you are AWESOME.  He really loves you.  Its so very true, you are a blessing to all the family.
Well I don't have much to say but that I played futbol today and I also killed a rat in the house that was sleeping under my backpack. This rat was like Spiderman, it was super hard to kill it. I have killed like 5 rats in this house. ......... I hate rats but I am ferocious while killing them.
Well mom, I love you. Have a wonderful day and week.
Making Brookies in Ecuador

Not the prettiest looking Brookies but memories made!!
The missionaries and Elder Luke's converts

Family picture

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