Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype

We had great Internet connection this time and could hear Brian, I mean Elder Luke, very clearly.  The picture was still a little blurry but we could still tell he was sweaty like crazy.  It was so fun to laugh with him and to see how happy he is.  He has lost some weight, especially in his face. He still doesn't like the heat, but has grown to accept the heat and the fact that he sweats a lot.  We asked if he carries an extra shirt with him to change in during the day and he said no that they didn't have time to change.  Then his aunt asked if he should be carrying a clean shirt and he laughed and said probably.  Funny.

This was our last phone call until he travels home in November or early December.  He has estimated that he will be traveling the last day of November or first couple days of December.  This is just from his calculations and so don't plan any travel plans just yet!

We took some videos and will try to get them posted on here some time this week.

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