Monday, August 4, 2014

Tough week. Its been a lot of praying lately.

Well, this week has been tough. I have been so stressed. Not like you guys. I have felt tiny and weak. I feel like I have been working with my own strength. I have been having a spiritual barrier. We haven't had any success. The family of 20 didn't have any interest and aren't going to progress, so we are dropping them.  Our two chicas (girls) planned to not be baptized tampoco (neither) and no desire so we dropped them. We had nothing good.  But my companion and I have been talking a lot and we had a little heart to heart talk and we are pumped to over come challenges. Its been a lot of praying lately.

But we have been blessed with a reference, she is awesome.  Its been a little slow, but we have been trying with her because she has that desire. She lives with a member family. She is so loved, and so we are trying to bring her more happiness. She is awesome. I really want her to progress. Other than her we got nothing, but we are working hard.

This week I had a day inter cambio (transfer)with another greengo, he is awesome and super fun. we had such an awful day together because everything went bad but he kept me pumped. 

I love you guys. Keep strong.

I love you
Elder Luke

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