Sunday, August 24, 2014

Handwritten letter to his brother Benjamin

Dear Benjamin,

You have grown up so much.  You're so tall, how high are you?  When I come back in a year and a half, you will probably be taller and way stronger than me.  We will have to arm wrestle to see who is strongest.  How is summer?  What is the coolest thing you have done and will do this summer?  Have you been working a lot?  Start working now so that you can save up money so you can be a missionary just like me.  Where do you want to serve your mission?  You only have about nine years and you will be in a white shirt and tie, walking under the sun, sweating A LOT and baptizing nuestro Hermanos (our Brothers). 

I heard that you are sleeping in Brandon's room.  That's awesome, more space for all your action figures and toys.  But remember to clean it so it be perfect.  Because el espiritu (the spirit) can't preside in a dirty place.  Are you praying every night and morning?  Are you reading your scriptures not only with the familia but personally?  I know you are super young.  You have 9 years of life but start those habits of reading the scriptures and praying now.

Have fun this summer.  Play. Run. Be a kid. Just think of all the fun we will have when I get back.  We will go biking, snowboarding, play futbol and football.  I miss you Benjamin.  Always know I love you

Elder Luke

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