Monday, August 18, 2014

Better success and priorities in place

Well this week was very good.

On Monday we had such an awesome lesson with some less active members. The Spirit was strong and it was so easy to click with them. We spent like 2 hours in their house. We were joking, teaching, feeling the spirit, and eating. They came to church yesterday. Then Tuesday we had a lesson with an investigator who is just awesome. We put a date for her baptism for the 23rd. We talked about a plan that we had made for her. It just explains what we will teach and when we will teach her up until her baptism. Well I was filled with the Spirit and I knew she was ready for baptism for this week, or I mean this last week. She was prepared and had a testimony, had the asistencias (required attendance at church), she just needed the interview. So I told her that we think she was ready for baptism for this last week. She responded back saying that she was thinking the same thing. It was so awesome to hear that. She has already listened to so many missionaries before and every time she didn't want anything but she even told us that this time was different. She feels different. She wanted to be a member of the true church of Jesus Christ. So we change our plans a little and planned so that she could be baptized the 16th de Agosto. She had the interview and a little bit more teaching.  On Thursday night she told me over the phone that she wanted me to baptize her. There are missionaries that don't want to baptize, and then there are missionaries that don't care who baptizes, what's important is that they get baptized. Then there is me. I want to baptize baptize baptize. To me it's a privilege. And this time I wanted someone else in the ward to do it. I felt honored when she wanted me to baptize her. Saturday was the baptism. We had so many people there. Her dad, friends and a bunch of people from the ward. Even one of my converts, the older lady that we baptized. It was an awesome night. Then Sunday she was confirmed.
Also on Sunday we brought an investigator to church. Only one, but one is better than none. Especially when she felt the Spirit so strongly. That night we passed by her house and she was so happy, but her husband was drunk. He just wanted to talk and talk and I felt so sorrow. We finally got him to lay down in a hammock. Then we started teaching her and explaining that she felt the Spirit testify that the church is true. I was feeling the Spirit until the drunk man got back up and for a minute looked right in my eyes. I felt like I was battling Satan. I was thinking about Moses when he said to Satan, "get thee hence Satan". So I said that in my mind and he went back to bed. Today we are going to pass by her house again. Unfortunately she isn't married but if we can get them married she will be an awesome member.
Well that's all that has happened this week. It was actually awesome. I got to go on visits with Elder Johnson the assistant to the President. He is a powerful missionary. 
This next lunes (Monday) we have cambios (transfers). I am pretty sure that I will stay here in Bastion and train a newbie. We will see. My companion and I are doing good. This week we are going to pull out good numbers for cambios (transfers). 
(In my email I asked Brian if he was able to find time to keep up on his drawing.  This was his response.)  Mom ya know I really don't have time to draw. I do want to but there are other things that are more important. Don't worry, in my Patriarchal Blessing it talks about my love for art, I wont lose it (his talent). God will bless me. Don't worry mom. Right now I am worried about getting more spiritually strong and physically strong. I have been lifting weights, doing some abs and even running. I am actually sore a bunch but its okay. I forget about it when I am proselyting. (Sounds like a man with his priorities in the right places.  Just awesome.)

Mom I love you so much. I LOVE THIS CHURCH SO MUCH. I love my god
Hasta lunes (until Monday)

Elder Luke

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