Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First week in the new sector

Well my first week in my new sector was fun and super tough. Lets start with the biggest problem. My companion Elder Sanchez. The problem is he is freaking awesome. Naw it was a joke. He is really cool. I knew him before and we click really well. We are always goofing off and picking on each other. But we both have an eye of the tiger. We have this vision that with our help this Rama can have a capilla (chapel). We just meet in a crappy house on the side of the street. The cars move by and its so hard to feel the Spirit. There are a lot of stumbling blocks. A LOT. Since we are opening the sector its really hard because we don't know anybody and we don't have investigators. So we talk with everyone. EVERYONE. It gets tiring but its the way to do it. The biggest problem is that nobody is married here. So its hard to find people who will progress. But nobody said that this was going to be easy. Right?
We have been teaching like a boss and just really refining the way we speak and contact and teach. Its really awesome. I really feel like i am growing a lot. The only thing is that people aren't used to greengos here so they don't understand me. It doesn't mean that I am not speaking well its just they aren't focusing. Every time it happens I get a little depressed and then my companion gets frustrated with the person because they really aren't listening. But its all good. Its just time to grow. I really love my companion. This cambio (transfer) is going awesome.
This week we had an awesome experience. We showed up to the house of a menos activo (less active).  We were late and she was mad that we were late. She didn't want to listen to us. She told us that she was going to leave soon. But her brother, buen tuco (good), fuerte (strong), buff, was there. He said he wanted to listen to us. He was being a little annoying about it. But we didn't have anything better to do so we taught him. We started teaching the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We started out good, explaining about prophets, the organization of Christ, the apostacia (apostasy), then we got to the part of Jose Smith. I told him that Joseph was confused and wanted to find the truth. He interrupted and told us that he has felt the same way. So we explained the restoracion (restoration), and everything changed. He was so happy because for all this time he had been searching for the truth and he had found it. We had some members there and they testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and it was powerful. He really wanted to read, so we gave him a chapter to read, 3 Nephi 11. Here's the link to the scripture. We told him that he needs to pray to find out the truth from God. So we taught him how to pray and in that moment he prayed with us. We knelt down and gave such an honest prayer. I was just filled with the spirit, a gozo (joy) that this world doesn't know. We left and told him we were going to call him the next day to verify if he had read. So the next day we called and asked him if he read. He said yes. We asked if he prayed, YES. We asked if he knew that the Book of Mormon is true. He said YESSSS. It was so awesome. Then he asked to talk to me and told me that he was super grateful that we had taught him and brought this light into his life. Sunday he wasn't able to go to church because he was in a different part of town. But he looked for a church there and he just didn't find it which sucks but we are going to see him tomorrow and teach him. This week has been good and a little crapish but with with experience with that guy, I rate this week as REALLY AWESOME.
Well that about its.  Our casa all week has been trashed because we didn't have time to clean it but we finally cleaned it and now we feel the spirit a lot stronger.  I live with Elder Muñoz, Elder Quispe, and Elder Snachez. I knew elder Quispe de my first sector and Elder Muñoz is from the same group of Latinos that I arrived here with.
Oh this week my companion and I got to go running on the beach. This city is really calm, it's not a bad place so we didn't have problems with running early in the morning. Actually a lot of people go running there in the morning.
Sabe (know), I love Ecuador, I miss home, I love this work, I love that God loves me and that he loves you too, I love that God loves to test me and try my so that I can grow. Sometime through the tuff times its hard to hold a smile and love the trial, but after we are almost always grateful for that trial because we grow and learn so much; Come what may and Love it.
Elder Luke

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