Monday, September 22, 2014

Being a missionary is the hardest thing I have ever done

Well its awesome to hear that everything is going on okay at home. Well I will start with the serious stuff.  This week was good in the aspect of loving more and macheting less. Its been good every time I get into a lesson I focus more on the blessings that they can receive. Its really been a good change. I have been trying to have a good positive attitude this week. Not only with the investigators but also with the member.  It has paid off.  Its been better with the members. Especially Sunday I tried to be a lot more happy and helpful.  Did I see all the things that everyone was doing wrong, yes, but I didn't chew them out for it. So its better.
But this week has been spiritually hard. We have absolutely nothing. We have no program. Its so hard because nobody  in the sector wants to progress. Even our escogido (chosen) from the other semana (week) didn't go to church for reasons unknown. Its been so hard walking and having everyone reject us.  Door after door. It has been such a spiritually hard week. The same  time I have been learning in Alma 26 ( Here is a link to the scripture )about how Alma and his brothers suffered and suffered and God counseled with them saying that if they endured their afflictions with patience that God will provide for them success. That has really spoken to me. Its just that my companion and I, we have been talking with everyone, teaching in such an awesome way. I really feel like these last weeks I have been the best missionary that I have been in the last 9 months of my mission. But to be improving and not see fruits from that work is so tough. Being a missionary is the hardest thing I have ever done.  Harder than any bike ride, than working, than school.  Its been harder than everything because its physically and spiritually draining.
I am learning a lot. This mission is shaping my life. I am learning so much. I am so grateful for this knowledge and experiences that I have obtained and that I will obtain. Cumpli 9 meses (turned 9 months) but I still have a lot of time left, a lot of time to improve and learn. 
Today we are taking a trip to portuviejo to have a conference with President Dennis. Its like all day in a bus with movies.  I am ready to learn a lot. 
Time is clicking down on conference week. Its going to be awesome. For me in the mission its bigger than the super bowl.  I am so pumped. 
I love you all
Elder Luke

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