Monday, September 8, 2014

My dad is awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome. Awesome

(To explain a little bit about why Elder Luke wanted to write his dad this week instead of his mom like the Stake President told him to was that his dad raced in a big bike race on Saturday (Logan Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming).  His dad did really well in the race and Elder Luke is very proud of his dad and his bike racing). 
Hey dad,
I don't even know where to start. You are AWESOME. You are so freaking awesome. awesome awesome awesome. I was really worried this week that something bad would happen. a crash or sickness, or that you wouldn't do very well and would be bummed and then I would be bummed because I love to see that my dad is a stud and that you are progressing in racing. SO I prayed. With prayer we can have the help from God.  If we ask with faith God will provide. This week he has at least answered my prayers. I am so proud to say that you are my dad. I brag about you so much here, because here everyone's dad is old and fat and I just like well my dad is awesome. He is tuco (ripped), and a stud. I cant believe that you took 54th out of 700 people. Not to mention the huge different you had in time from last year. Taking off 40 min from your time last year. That's huge. This year you have been killing it on your bike. Just imagine how much better you'll be next year. Then someday you will race nationals and killing it there. I don't know if that's part of your future. I guess I am super prideful. Which is taught in the scriptures that is bad. But I am because my dad is a one of a kind. You are my dad and you are so freaking awesome. Okay. I am going to calm down a little. Its actually really good to hear how awesome you did because here in Ecuador its been the opposite of your race.

Its been really tuff. Really tuff. This week our numbers were awful. We have been fasting so much. Since the last time I wrote you guys I have fasted three time with my companion. We have been praying so hard to find los escogidos, THE CHOSEN, but we havent found them. We really have two probems. We aren't finding new people that are excepting enough to progress and bring them into the church and the light. The other problem is that this ward has a bunch of menos activos o less actives that really dont want to return to the church. The other part is that this rama (branch) is doing things completely wrong. Like buying the bread on Sunday or playing soccer on sunday. Not just less actives but active members also are doing that. Its been frustrating with that. I feel that we are babysitting the rama.  For me when I see something going down that is wrong I can't except it and let it go on.  I have to end it. Especial when it comes to the church.  Its a church of order and when I see that its not I get a little frustrated. This week has been hard and very tiring.

But dont get me wrong I am happy. I am with my awesome companion and we are always having fun. I love him so much. I am blessed. Mom told me about the game she came up with about gratitud, and it put me thinking.  Its hard here with this sector but I am blessed. I am so blessed. I love the song "Count Your Many Blessing". Sometimes we feel like nothing good is going on. But our eyes are just closed to the the blessing that are right in front of us. I am trying to work hard like you dad. I want to have an awesome race. I am trying. I know that not one ounce of strength is lost. That God will provide. We aren't having exito (success) but I am having exito (success) with my testimony. I am learning and growing so much. I have really been praying a lot. Siempre (always) kneeling before my maker.

Dad I love you so much and I am so proud. Guess what?  You are right. Your wife and my mom is an awesome daughter of God. She really is a pearl. She is a blessing to so many people.

I love you.
Elder Luke

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