Monday, September 29, 2014

Two missionaries in the Luke family one in Ecuador one in Heaven

two missionaries before being set apart
Last Wednesday, Brian's cousin Spencer passed away at the age of 19.  Spencer really wanted to go on a mission but we didn't know that it would be a service mission in Heaven.

Well, I am emotionally moved. Well not as in a spiritually awesome way. I don't know what to say.  I was not expecting at all to receive notice that my cousin died.  He is such an awesome person. I remember that he was so loving. I can't remember what we talked about , but I remember how I felt when I was with him. He really had such a strong Spirit.  He really just loved everyone. EVERYONE. When I heard that he wanted to go on a mission, I wasn't expecting it because I knew that being  a missionary was hard stuff and I didn't think he would be able to handle it, but he really wanted to serve his God.  Now I know that maybe he isn't  changing lives here but that he is changing lives on the other side of the veil. Its so hard to say that  but its true. He is such an awesome person. There in the spirit world he is there without problems. He is resting of all his problems, his afflictions that he endured so well. But then again he isn't resting, he is preaching the gospel. Just imagine, the next time we see him, he wont be the same.  I am proud that he is  my cousin, that he is right a long side of me,  and you all . Wow, this week will be very interesting. I think I will be humbled even more. I will be a major prayer this week for the Moore family.  I love Spencer.  I am grateful for the pictures of him,  especially of us hugging. I guess he was called to serve but his calling came in a different form than mine.  I pray that all is well for the Luke and Moore family. God will strengthen this family. I testify of that.  We have to just  prepare now for the huge family  re union that we will have after this life. 

Well. This week was good, I  have been really trying to keep a positive  attitude. I feel that I have been helping more the people here and that I have been teaching more with the Spirit. I am not yet perfect but with the Spirit I am closer and closer every time. I really  feel like  I am improving so much. This week we have had a conference with president Dennis where I learned so much. It was a long trip (close to 10 hour bus ride) but I learned so much. My mind was so full of just new understanding and enlightenment. I have felt that my prayers were answered in that conference. I learned so much  about the atonement and how we have to endure our afflictions. The best thing that I learned is that nobody said that  salvation is easy. We can  not expect that this will be easy in this life when it was never easy for Christ. We can draw power from the atonement when we suffer from pain, agony,  death, separation, whatever we feel we experience just a little ounce of what Christ felt, we as members and as missionaries experience our own  Gethsemane. That when we endure we are shoulder to shoulder working along side with Him. We are baring his cross. I learned that I can be better.  So  this week has been such an awesome week of applying that.   We have found families prepared for us. We have found  people who actually want to learn.   I just  feel that God has blessed and answered  every single one of my prayers  so far. I am so grateful. 

With the experience that I have had and the death of Spencer I am grateful what Christ has done for us.  As missionaries we have one message for the world. That message is that Christ Lives.  I share my testimony with  you guys that I know that my savior lives and he loves me and he loves every single one of us. 

This week we are going to change the houses to a house that is really nice. I am stoked to change that.
I am so glad that the store is doing good.  That God is taking care of my family. 

I love you .
Elder Luke    
Poor lighting but so glad to see that smiling face.

Nine month celebration. PIZZA

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