Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference in Ecuador

Do you remember? The last conference I told you guys that you guys will understand and learn so much if you dress up and go to the Stake Center to watch the conference. Its so much better, the distractions are not there and the spirit is a lot more powerful. You guys will have to try it next time. 

This conference was good but also bad. It was awesome because we had two families that went to listen and they put so much attention on listening and learning and they loved it. One of the families is going to be baptized el 25 de octubre.  That was super awesome. The other part was because the talks were super awesome. The spirit was super powerful. 

Okay here is the list why it was bad.  Saturday we didn't have Internet to watch it. We watched part of it but we were in like a garage on the main road with car zooming by. We worked hard to get it fixed so that we could watch it. We finally got it fixed for the priesthood session. 

 The other part was because I got sick during conference. I got a fever so I wasn't able to focus very well. (Brian reassured me in a different email that he was only sick for a little bit and is much better now.)

The other bad thing is that of the hundreds of members here only 7 people went to the priesthood session and 20 in the Saturday session. And here nobody has Internet to watch it in their homes, so that is depressing. The other thing was that I didn't understand very well the talks because its in Spanish. The thing is that they talk in a way super formal, super sophisticated. But I really don't know that much Spanish so it was hard to understand but I did understand a few talks and the spirit related to me what I needed to understand.

But over all it was a super good conference, could have been better but I will just have to wait for the conference talks in the Liahona.
From conference I loved the talk from Elder Bednar about why we share the gospel. Here is the link to Elder Bednar's talk It was so awesome because we had the two families in the conference when he began to talk to them. I also loved the talk from Elder Hales about the Trinity. Here is the link to Elder Hale's talk It was awesome. Of course I loved Elder Holland's talk about diezmo y ofrendas (tithes and offerings). Here is the link to Elder Holland's talk Plus President Eyring was really good Here is the link to President Eyring's talk. Conference is so much better when you can hear their actual voices. It was cool to hear the other languages. When they talked in Spanish I understood. It was so much better. In Saturday this guy got up and spoke in Korean or something, and after him Elder Christoffereson got up and started his talk with " muy buenas dias," it was so funny.

Well this week was good. We found a family. They are really good. They have a baptism date. They are doing awesome.  They were Evang√©licos before but they have come to found the truth and light in the church which we represent. 
Today we had cambios, transfers, but I didn't have transfers.  I have another 6 semanas (weeks) with my best friend Elder Sanchez.

We changed houses.  The new house is awesome and huge. HUGE. I feel so rich in that house. Its nice to study and sleep in a clean big house. Mom this week I have been using my go pro to take weird fotos in the street and all. I got some good fotos, i will send them.

I am really glad that everything is going okay in Boise that the store is going good and everything is working out. Hey if you want to send me a package for Christmas you have to send it in November so you have to start planning for Christmas. That weird, Christmas. Time it really fast. (Already on it Brian, but thanks for the warning.)

I love you guys, have a wonderful week.
Elder Luke

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