Monday, October 27, 2014

Baptisms and photos

So I will start with the questions. I have already received the package so I should receive the birthday package tomorrow or next week. But I loved what you guys sent me. Well it was the package with the Boise State T-shirts and the ties and the amazingly awesome BBQ sauce. I hope that's the first package, I would feel bad if that was the birthday package.

Okay so this week was good and bad. 

First off, all week we have been preparing for the baptism. In the pics below are how it all turned out. On Friday we had an activity or a devotional in the church. We watched some videos. I felt super prepared for the message part but every one was sleeping and it wasn't really that great.  It was like something was missing.

About fighting with the  devil this week. We won and we also lost. The only person from the family Erazo  that was firm in the way he has felt and what  he has received from God was the papa. He was the only one who was baptized from the family. We lost because the family didn't even go to the baptism.  His wife disowned him. Saying that he is sinning and there isn't love any more for his decision. But Hermano Ramon Erazo was so strong in his Faith that he stuck with it even though he was alone. Everything went awesome. He is amazing. The day of his interview he asked if he could pray to know who should baptize him, so he did and he told me that I had the privilege to baptize him. Well I love baptizing. I is fun, and good to use the priesthood that I have. Another lady that we have been teaching was baptized also. We had two baptisms and it was super cool. 

The ceremony went really good for Ramon and the other lady Karol, but the people who came to the baptism left their respect in the garbage back home. There were some problems with some members and some people invited. But it went well for the people receiving the ordination and who really focused on the Spirit. 

Of the two people who were baptized, none of their family members came to the baptism because they don't support and don't love their family. It's sad but it is such an awesome experience for them to show their faith and stand up for the truth even if they are alone, but we are never alone.
This week we have a conference with president.  Its going to be awesome.  Tomorrow we are going to travel and have it Wednesday and then come back in the morning on Thursday.  I love the conferences.  I love Spanish mom. I have been growing so much . We have this investigator that will be baptized this 8 de November , she always compliments me on my Spanish. She is awesome. I will have fotos in a few weeks. 

Well that's all for this week. I am grateful for the package. I am grateful to be a missionary.

I love you mom
Elder Luke

p.s. The pictures of the sky that I am sending are of this morning. It was so bright but in like two hours it went all away and was all negro in the sky.





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