Monday, November 3, 2014

Caution** over use of AWESOME below

Sabe (Know that), when I was reading you messages I was happy. Super happy.  I just love the way life is going. Then I read the part that Nick and Cassandra are getting married. WHAT!!! That's awesome. They are so cool. Send them my congratulations. Are you going to go to the wedding? I want pictures.  That's awesome.

Well, that's awesome that D3 (marching band competition) went well for Brandon. That's awesome. First place! Who would have thought that Centennial High School would make such a change to get first place. That's awesome. That's awesome that Brandon is getting that experience. Wow the pictures are awesome. Brandon is tall. How tall is he? I think he already passed me. But Ii will always be stronger. 
MOM, that is an awesome that you got a new calling. Ward Missionary! That's awesome mom. Okay so tips. Read a lot predicar mi evangelio, preach my gospel. Read chapter 3 that is where the lessons are.  You need to know very well the principles of every lesson and know what  is taught in the principle. Nothing super deep. Really like teaching kids because they the people don't know the doctrine, so you start with the basics. The other thing is read chapter 10. That chapter talks about different things to apply in teaching and being a better teacher. So mom. You have a hard calling. The teaching is easy. Its the time that's the hard part. Mom, As a missionary, I would love if a member could come on visits with us every day all day. Its almost impossible. But if you find time, like 3 or 2 hours to go on visits that can be a huge blessing with the missionaries there. They will be so blessed. The other thing is that we have more time on Sundays. Its a good idea to dedicate a lot of Sundays to going with  the missionaries. The other thing is be always in contact with them. Mom I am so pumped for you, this will help you so much.  Mom i am so happy that you are ward missionary. I was talking to my companions about how you are going to have an awesome time preaching His gospel. Missionary work really requires a strong testimony and  better knowledge of the scriptures. Your testimony is strong mom but through your preparations and teaching, it will make your testimony even stronger.

Well, This week We had zone conferences. So we left on Tuesday in the afternoon and went 5 hours to Portoviejo. Then next day we went an hour to Manta and had interviews with Presidente where he helped me understand mas (more) on what I need to do to get better. The conference was awesome. Presidente and his wife talked and taught us of repentance and the importance that we repent and that our investigators understand and repent. It was very spiritual. I learned a lot. It really helped me resolve a little things about the past. Now I feel much better and I have learned so much. 

We left Manta for Pedernales. Its six hours. Six hours in a bus like what we used for band but not as nice. It is nice but not nice but it does have movies. The worst part is that I can't watch them. It is my weakness. We left and got dropped of in San Vicente which is three hours away from predernales. We were there at 7:30 and the next bus comes at 8:30. Which would mean that we would get home after 9:00 and that's breaking rules. So we waited for a bus. The same time I had a fever. That sucked. I think that I am skinnier because of eating less and the sickness. I feel I keep getting sick every other week. It sucks. Its the stress that causes it. First time that i have had this.

This week I learned how to be like Christ. Most of the time we have to be the opposite of Christ to realize how to be more like Christ. We had a little confrontation with a pastor about that new convert that was baptized. I was mad. I didn't yell. But I wasn't calm, neither was the pastor and so we were just fueling each other. SO, I testified but I didn't represent Christ. I know now what it means to be more like Christ. I have repented of my actions and that wont happen ever again. It's sad because Ramon Erazo that I baptized last week has been having more problems with his family and with the pastor. This week we are going to give him distance but help him.

But we are teaching this lady. She is awesome. She is progressing so fast and its awesome. She loves the church. She is improving and its awesome. Ya se cabo mi tiempo (Already done my time on the computer). I will tell you more about the spiritual experiences in the next week.

Mom I got the Belt. Its awesome. I got my birthday package. It wasn't as cool to see the customs sticker on the front that says what's inside the present but its all good. Thank you so much. I will take pictures. Have fun with the burgers (we will be celebrating Brian's birthday with some Red Robins burgers). I love you so much mom.

Elder Luke

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