Monday, November 10, 2014

Mixed feelings about Birthday celebrations

This week was good. I had my birthday. First off, thank you for the present. I love the shoes, LOVE the ties, and the balloons and decorations we put all over the house. It was awesome. I really enjoyed the present.

The day of my birthday we had a lot of cake- A lot. I think in two day we had 5 cakes. I ate a lot of food that day. It didn't do well in my stomach. It was good but also bad. I learned more about being a more consecrated missionary. You said something the other week about how its my birthday but these two years are not about me. That really stuck with me. I really enjoyed the package from you guys. What I didn't enjoy was the mass amount of parties that the members put on. It was good to feel love from them. But every second I was there at my party, I was losing time in the work of the Lord. I actually felt bad all day. We only had one lesson and we didn't do anything. I learned that I wont be announcing my birthday the next year. I felt bad taking the attention from the work and putting it on me. I really learned that day that even on my birthday I have to be focused and dedicated in this work.
This week has been great because we have una hermana that is progressing for baptism this week. She really has had spiritual experiences. She is really progressing and is awesome. SO this next week I will have more pictures of another baptism. But this time she is really converted. She is awesome. Yesterday we had a noche de hogar (Home Evening) where we taught her with a lot of members about fasting and tithing. It was fun and she loved the videos that we showed and it was cool. She told us that she doesn't want us to leave. I might actually cry if I have transfers this next week because she is so awesome.
Now I have some bad news. The old man that I baptized about two weeks ago, told us that he will keep going to his old church and that he will not follow with the Church of Jesus Christ. It was sad. But we did everything possible. Its his own condemnation. Mathew 7: 14 says that straight is the path to righteousness but few are they who find it. I guess he just wont be one of them. God knows that not everyone will be eligible to live with him.
Well its a short letter this week because I have a lot of photos. I love it here. I love being a missionary. I love that I am 19 but that I am more focused in the mission. I love my Savior.

Have a wonderful week
I love you
Elder Luke

Birthday message balloons for his birthday present.

Good to know he still wears that hat even in Ecuador

nice new birthday tie

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