Thursday, January 2, 2014

To Dad - Bear your testimony

Hey dad, I am really glad that all is well back in Boise. It warms my heart know how big of an impact I am having. I found a scripture that shows the real importance of your testimony. The scripture says that when you bear your testimony angels en heaven rejoice and it es recorded for time and all eternity. Dad I really love you and respect you.  I look up to you in everything. Dad share your testimony all the time. It is so important not only for you but to those who hear it. Its so powerful.

Dad its really hard here. I didnt think spanish would be so difficult. But it es. The problem I am having es that i feel that I have a strong testimony but I cant share it properly in spanish. Thats what frustrates me. Thank you so much for yours prayers.

[Steve wrote] Nate Johnson said that it is the missionary way of always wanting to push and be better.  He said be patient and the language will come as you use it more and more.  Remember it has only been a couple week.  Before you know it you will have a hard time with English.

Regardless of speaking Spanish i am having a blast, today we played ultimate frisbee in the rain.  I used the Gopro for it. It was cool. We have partys here. Atleast with our father district that just left we had wrestle mania. We would line the living room with left over mattresses and wrestle. We had a tie white elephant exchange.  Its awesome. But most of all its just the spirit, the purity, just the cleanliness of it. Its awesome.

On christmas Elder Bednar spoke and he said something that really touched my heart. He said that it isnt doctrine but it can be considered to be, and I personally feel of its truthfulness, but he said ," I do not think that Jesus took upon him all of our sins all at once. But it is just like many principles in this gospel, he took the sins and pains of the world one by one. I tell people that I imagine a giant Ipad and Jesus scrolled one by one. I feel that He saw me that night and that he looked me in the eyes and said I will." The atonement has always been dear to my heart but to put it like that makes it so personal to me. Its just awesome. 

Dad I want to thank you. My heart es full. I am greatful for you. I have always looked up to you.  Even though we have both had our moments, I have always looked up to you. I am constantly talking and bragging about how much of a stud you are. I love how far you have come and where your going. You are my true best friend. I love you dad. I will return with honor.

Nos Vemos. 
I love you dad, 
Elder Luke

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