Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daily life as a missionary in the CCM

Hey mom,
Time is going so fast. I am glad its is. I want to  be en Ecuador. Yea we have been looking forward to Thursdays and when you think about how close it is time just flies. But it also feels like I have been here for forever. Its a cool place but there is a lot of things wrong with it. But esta bien.
(In reference to how touching church has been to me since he has left and how even commercials will now set me off in a cry fest.) Oh mom don't make me cry. I am in amongst a bunch of guys. I miss you. I will admit that I am easily distracted by classes and studying and all the physical activity. But I miss you guys so much.  Every night I go through that picture book you got me and read my patriarchal blessing and its hard missing you guys. Every time I log onto my computer here I see a beautiful picture of Hudson and then see the weather back home. Its hard because I miss it all. Oh my goodness I could totally use a hug.
Ya know I have been getting better and better at Spanish and at role playing lessons.  I have been doing better because I can communicate the message. But the problem for me is that they expect you to already know Spanish. I am not worried about not ever speaking Spanish its just freaking me out about tomorrow not speaking it. Like I am having a hard time using English its just those few times where I am expected to know something but cant. But our teacher shared with the class and told me in private previously that he is terrified that he doesn't know English and that he can't communicate with us. The entire time he was crying. He said that he cares so much about us and prays that he can be a blessing in my life. He is such an awesome individual and has had some pretty awesome experiences on his mission. But our teacher is the best. He honestly cares and loves us. I think that's going to be the hardest part of me leaving the ccm.
So unfortunately the CCM likes to cut out everything fun here. Here is aqui en spanish. but they canceled tie trading and some are being super strict with that rule. I traded some of my ties for some sick wool skinny ties. They also canceled ultimate Frisbee which is my favorite sport here because I am a beast at it. They are just super strict. There is literally no time to have fun. (Welcome to the Missionary life Brian.)
Um two days ago one of the teachers spoke to us about Moroni. I realized that Moroni is awesome and I want to be like him but I don't know much about him. So I am going verse by verse trying to understand who Moroni was and how I can be him.  Its pretty cool. If you ever have to threaten or challenge someone read Alma 44:7 Super cool and powerful script.
The living arrangements are pretty sweet. We have our own casa. Living room and everything. We tend to play hacky sack a lot there. Its a cool place.
So my day. I wake up at 6 am then study at 7 to 8. 8 is breakfast. Then after breakfast we have a language class and progressing investigator and then coaching. Then after that we have gym at 11:40. We normally play ultimate frisbee. I rock at that. Sometimes take naps or volley ball. Then lunch at 1. Then we have tienda time. its the store they have here. Then we have TALL. Technology assisted language learning. Then we go back to class for language, progressing investigators, and coaching. that is with another teacher. That normally goes till dinner at 6:30. Then after that we have personal study until 9:20. We sometime throw devotionals in there sometimes. Then 9:30 to whenever is personal time. Thats when we have the most fun. So thats the normal day. Its okay.
Actually there was frost on the grass this morning. Its cold here. With the humidity and it getting cold its cools down. Another guy in my district who is from Idaho falls has said that he keeps waking up freezing cold. (proof that Brian isn't the only wimp down there.  Did you see how cold it was in Green Bay during the playoff game?  I'm sure they would have loved the 45 degree weather.  I guess he has been removed from the cold long enough to change.  Just wait a few weeks and he'll be in 90 degree weather with thunder showers.  Not in Idaho anymore.)
Thank you for that encouraging quote. The way I manage my stress is I through fruit at the side of our casa. This girl en my district was super stressed yesterday and so I gave her a manzana to throw at a wall. She really needed it. Everyone was watching and just really boosted her confidence.

Well mom its time. May god be with you till we meet again. Mom i am missionary and i love it. I dont like CCM but i love this gospel. Mom i love you so much. I hope those blessings pore upon you.
I love you mom
Elder Luke.

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