Thursday, January 16, 2014

Missionary package

Evidently when you send a missionary from freezing cold Idaho to warm Mexico they adapt and start thinking that 40 degrees is cold.  Brian said that with the humidity that it gets chilly down there and asked if we would send a jacket to him.  (Yes he admits that he is a wimp).  He took some waterproof jackets and one sweater, but he wanted something a little more stylish and warm.  Always about the fashion.  So last Friday we sent Brian a package through FedEx.  Well...  It made it to Mexico, but not to Brian.  I guess it is against the rules to send used clothing into Mexico.  There must be some high traffic Cardigan smuggling going on down there.  FedEx was really nice and offered to take the two sweaters (how did they know that there were two sweaters if they didn't open the package?) and send them to their undeliverable storage and send on the rest of the package.  Great.  That would be awesome.  NOT.  So after communications with FedEx from me and Brian I think we are close to proving that the cardigan and jacket were not contraband or a start of a illegal cardigan smuggling operation.  Hopefully Brian will get the package this week.  He will probably get it a day or two before he leaves and then it will be too hot in Ecuador to wear it.  I'm guessing that even though we used the Foodsaver packaging on the Kneaders chocolate chip cookies that they will probably be stale.  Oh well.  We tried. 

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