Thursday, January 16, 2014

Studying and Having Fun.

Time is cruising.  This P day came so fast.  Its flying. But the days are pretty long as well. Its crazy that I only have like 12 days and then I am in the mission field. Its so crazy. I am trying to have an open mind. I am improving on Spanish but I still hate that I cant understand people. but I can teach a mean lesson. But I am getting there. In a broadcast devotional of Elder Bednar he said that the gift of tongues doesn't come all at once but allows you to come slowly. Pero (But) it comes much fast than normally. 

I feel the spirit all the time. I do like teahcing though and in my patriartical blessing it says I would be an excellent teacher among the lords people. so I am happy I can see that in effect. I love this gospel.  It is weird to think that for the past six weeks that have been only studying the gospel  and Spanish 247.  It doesn't feel that way..

Warning.... shenanigans are happening down in Mexico, but everyone is safe and they have wised up and stopped some of the un-missionary like activities.  I guess boys will still be boys.

Oh all these pictures of the mattresses are wrestle mania. it was so much fun. We had donuts and leche.  Unfortunately it didnt end well for one of the missionaries from another district, complete accident and everything is cool. So we stopped that completely.
It was still fun.  You guys should do it at home and send me pictures.  (Steve threatened to wear his cycling bib to get the full wrestling look.  So if it happens at our house.  Which it wont.  There most likely will not be pictures posted anywhere.  Sorry).


Yea we are trying to work out every night. we have some limitations and not a lot of time. But P days and Gym time every day is where we play sports and thats fun. It sires me out so much. Everyone here comments on my calves. They always want to have a calf off. The father district for our first week here was from Mountain Home. We had a calf off. He won because they were huge and defined but mine were in the ball park. My wrestle mania name is sprouting oak, or tree trunk thighs.  I lost this last time. but I am known for my crazy strong legs. Hence the name. The first guy i wrestle was like," its trying to hold a sprouting oak down." But I have those thighs and calves thanks to you Dad.
I am so proud of you. Tree trunk. Oak tree. Beast legs.  As drew dayton would say. That's my boy. 
Love and miss you so much. You rock. 

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