Thursday, January 16, 2014

Step of Faith - by Elder Hayrand

Step of Faith
by Elder Hayrand

 As you first arrive you feel out of place

Its a race against time and you can't set a pace.

A formidable opponent as you look time in the face

with God all things are possible according to faith

you put you life on the alter and offer it all

you step forward in faith and begin to fall

having faith in Christ that he will catch you

You listen and wait looking for a clue

With the ground getting closer you begin to doubt

losing all hope you begin to shout

" Lord Please Save Me, I need you now"

"I want to be strong I just don't know how"

with the ground getting closer rocks enter your sight

you fold your arms and close your eyes tight

as time passes you open one eye

you find yourself safe on the ground staring at the sky

In total disbelief you cant help but stare

as you look behind you and see him standing there

Ashamed with tear filled eyes you look at the ground

You wont look up, trying not to make a sound

as you hear him getting closer you begin to cry

He says " By yourself you are weak, with me you are strong

This is my work and this is where you belong"


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