Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We are being blessed with so many miracles

I am glad that everything went well this week with the party of Elder Smith. I know he loved and enjoyed it.  We will miss him so dearly but its not like he is dying.  I imagine he will visit a lot. Especially I hope he comes to visit Idaho in the end of November. Wow is time fast. We have to just take advantage of it. 

This week we had a baptism. It was awesome. A lot of things needed to be done to bring it to pass but at the end we got it done. It was nice. Its a lot enjoyable to baptize than to just walk all day. The best part is that my first week here we had a baptism of Carlos Villegas. He is a very close friend, he was able to baptize his cousin the same time his mom was baptized. We have been having a lot of success. I love it. It is so much rewarding.

About my district, well we aren't perfect and we have some problems but we are killing the boards with baptisms and rescuing people. Its awesome. We are being blessed with so many miracles. Its very awesome. 

The only things that sucks about being DL (district leader) is not having anytime. I was finally able to write in my journal the other day. Finally  There is just no time. I really want to write Elder Smith a letter but I am just broke with time. 

Well, life is good. The work is good, its ready and we have to participate in it. This working is marvelous.

Elder Luke


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