Monday, March 9, 2015

Thank you for letting me be a missionary

Well I really enjoyed your email. I am so glad that everthing is well back home. The birthday party sounded super fun (His brother celebrated his 10th birthday with an extreme Nerf Gun party). Its also so funny that dad showed up to the airport in spandex (We met at the airport to say good bye to our friend Elder Smith.  He did ride his bike to the airport it wasn't just a spandex Saturday outfit). Typical dad.
Well I am pretty excited for my hug when I get home. (See previous blog post.) It will be a very big and long hug. But I end my mission in 9 months. Close enough to get excited, but far enough away to keep pushing along.
This week for me was pretty cool. It was good. The zone leaders changed my district.  Now I am working with differet elders. I went this week to work with them in their sector. Wow Its a sector with a lot of dirt. Worst part was the house where they live was awful. Dirt everywhere. Rats in the house. It was awful. That night I was there I got sick. I woke up with a fever and a sore throat. I went two days with that fever and sore throat. It was awful. But this lady that I am teaching hooked me up with some honey that helped. (Honey is very expensive in Ecuador.  A small bottle is $15.  Good thing Brian's dad doesn't have to pay that much for his honey.) Now I am a lot better.
Well in this exchange with my district, I was addicted to playing with a laser all day. It was so cool to play with the dogs and cats with the laser. I was like a little kid. Well this week we have been working with this lady. All of her kids are members and she has listened to missionaries for a long time until we came and killed all of her problems and put the gospel in her life. She is going to be baptized this week. So the next lunes (Monday) I will have a bunch of photos. Plus I am starting to use my gopro more. Its fun.
This lady is so loving and has had some problems in the past. But she loves her kids so much and they love her so much. Its like a normal family. I love it. They mean a lot to me. I really love that family. She passed her baptismal interview and is ready to go this week. Bum, bum bum, another bites the dust/baptismal font. bum bum bum another ones down and another was down and another was bites the dust/ baptismal font. haha
Also in the morning on Saturday, we went to an appointment, but he wasnt there, so we found a service opportunity where I was able to chop down a huge tree with a machete. Powerful huh. I got a few videos on my gopro.
Well I am doing well. Life is good. Okay maybe I am a little tired, but everything is good. 
I just want to thank you mom, for your sacrafice. Thank you for letting me be a missionary, 
I love you.
Mom your "hug" will be oh so special, and will come soon.
Elder Luke  


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