Monday, March 23, 2015

I love the temple

Well my companion ya se fue (and he went - he was transferred to another area). He left. gone. And right now I am waiting with another missionary from my zone for my new companion. He comes Wednesday. Yesterday all night I was cleaning the house because I knew that I wasn't going to have time to do so this week. Right now I am in another sector. But I will be serving with the new missionary in the sector with the hill, better hills, same house, same ward. But there were so many changes in the zone, my third companion in the mission. Elder Cordoa. Do you guys remember him? He is now my zone leader. How weird is that? He is so awesome. We are going to work so hard. I am exited to work with him again.  With all the changes I will have a new district and new Elders. 

Today mom I was able to buy my shoes. I got some good shoes that will last. They are nice and comfortable, not exactly what I was looking for but I am satisfied. I was tempted mom to spend more money to buy two pairs of shoes but I am getting a lot better at resisting temptations (A missionary blessings). I only bought one. I also paid less than I had told you guys. They aren't waterproof like I wanted but they are good for walking and they are my style. 
This week was very interesting. We started out first with working on Monday. We started out awesome. Committing people to the church and very spiritual lessons. We found awesome people. Everything was good. By Thursday we had committed 5 people to go to church and that is a good amount of people for a sector. But everything just went down hill. Nothing went the way we wanted. Yet again we had nobody in the church. People listening to us and the next moment they hate us or just don't want to listen to us. My companion says that the success comes with the new missionary. Well I hope its true. But we are going to work very hard. 
Also we went o the temple. How beautiful. I love the temple. We got to see the temple movie. It was awesome. I loved it. I learned so much. Other than that I found out how the temple is a character of the true church. In Exodus 40 it explains the temple and how its the same then that we do now. Click here for a link to the scripture reference

I learned a lot about how got loves us. I learned how important the savior is and his atoning sacrifice. I learned about how this life is to repent and how we should be repenting always. I always thought something. If Christ always invited us to come unto him, why in some scriptures does he tell the sinners to apart from him. I understand, its like when we did something bad and dad sent us to our room to calm down and change. Its the same thing. When we sin he sends us to time out. We can't be in his presence until we repent  and calm down and come unto him. That's when we return to him. I love it. Repentance sounds like something bad, but its also wonderful. So important that we repent, change the things we are doing wrong. 
I love the temple because I feel comfortable. The clothes, the feelings. I feel home. I don't refer as home as in Boise, but I refer to our heavenly home. I feel when I get there that I belong there. Its absolutely wonderful.

We got to see another video that has produced the church, gracias a que el vive, because He lives. I just feel the spirit so strong. 
I want you to know that I have a tesimonio that Christ does live and that this is His church.

Well. I don't have nothing else to say. I have written a lot.

I love you.
Have a wonderful week.

Elder Luke



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