Monday, March 9, 2015

The Hug

Elder Luke doesn't come home for another eight months, but from way before he even left we have been talking about the "HUG".  It's that great experience at the airport with the return missionary and his mom hugging at the airport.  Our first example was from Elder Johnson coming home from Arizona.  What a great Hug!

Well, our friend Elder Smith left the Boise Mission on Saturday and got his "HUG."  His mom was nice enough to send us the picture.  It shows so much emotion even though you can't see their faces.  You can tell that he came running down the stairs dropped his suitcase and gave his mom a hug.  Two years is a long time especially as they are growing into such wonderful men, while on their missions.  That "HUG" sums it all up. Oh can't wait.

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